A DAY in the WOODS program agenda set for 2024

We are pleased to announce the 2024 agenda for the A DAY in the WOODS.  Online registration is now available at: REGISTER HERE. For a brochure with more details click here: 2024 ADIW Brochure

Evaluating your Woods
May 10 (9 am) – Vinton Furnace State Forest
• Understand the importance of inventorying and monitoring your woods
• Learn basic inventory techniques that provide a benchmark for setting goals and monitoring progress in your woods
• Receive a tree measuring stick and learn to use it to measure heights and diameters of your trees
• Learn to assess the health and condition of your woods

Getting a Handle on Invasive Species
June 14 (9 am) – Lake Snowden, 5900 US Highway 50 Albany, OH 45710
• Learn how to identify non-native invasive species
• Get to know how invasive plants affect woodland health and what can be done to control them
• Get tips for when and how to control invasives and what to do after treatment

Native Grasslands and Pollinator Habitat
July 12 (9 am) – Meigs Conservation Area, 35010 New Lima Rd. Pomeroy, OH 45769
• Learn about establishing and managing pollinator habitat
• Understand habitat needs and host plants for various pollinator species
• Understand how pollinator management can benefit other wildlife species

Prescribed Fire: Ecology &  Implementation
August 9 (9 am) – Vinton Furnace State Forest
• Learn the ecology of fire in relation to SE Ohio forest ecosystems
• Explore prescribed fire treated stands and compare to untreated stands
• Learn about prescribed fire resources available to private landowners

Night Flyers
Sept 13 (5 pm) – Vinton Furnace State Forest
• Explore the unique ecology of Ohio’s night flyers—birds, bats, moths, and more
• Understand habitat needs and strategies to promote nocturnal wildlife on your property
• Enjoy a night hike to look and listen for nocturnal wildlife

Critter Homes: Wildlife Habitat Improvements
Oct 11 (9 am) – Vinton Furnace State Forest
• Learn more about how timber stand improvements can create habitat for Ohio’s wildlife
• Gain a better knowledge of which practices correlate to certain wildlife species
• Get more information regarding wildlife EQIP practices

Forest Stand Improvemen
Nov 8 (9 am) – Vinton Furnace State Forest
• Learn and understand the basics of chainsaw safety, including PPE
• Observe proper strategy and technique for tree felling
• Appreciate the effects of midstory control towards meeting a range of forest objectives
• Determine why cull tree removal is an important component in creating and maintaining thriving forests

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