“Native Grasslands and Pollinator Habitat for Wildlife” offered via Zoom webinar on March 11

Pollinating insects are responsible for 75% of the global food supply, and are accurate indicators of overall ecosystem health. Recent declines of pollinating insects, and other wildlife adapted to similar habitats, are cause for genuine concern. Ohio landowners can help by managing healthy forests and native grasslands that host a diverse community of native flowering plants, which are critical strongholds for pollinating insects and wildlife dependent on grasslands.

Join us Via Zoom Webinar on March 11th  from 3 pm to 5 p.m. for an introduction into native grasslands and pollinator habitat.

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Hold the Date: A field event is being planned for July 22.  Join us to to learn more about the benefits of pollinator habitat and native grassland habitat, and how to establish pollinator habitat and grassland habitat on your own property. We will tour pollinator habitat and native grasslands, and witness just some of the ecosystem services they provide for us.”  More details for this field event will be provided soon!





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