Measuring the trees in your woodland (July 10, 2020): Resources now available!

Below are the resources from Measuring the Trees in Your Woods – Virtual  “A DAY in the WOODS” on July 10.

Topics covered include:

  • Making a Tree Measuring Stick
  • Measuring tree diameter
  • Pacing with accuracy
  • Measuring merchantable height of trees
  • Determining the board foot volume of trees

Video on Making your own Tree Measuring stick (13:45 minute video): Making-Tree-Measuring-Stick

Tables for making your custom stick:

  1. To determine which table to use from below watch the first 2:40  minutes of this video.
  2. A 25 inch arm reach works for most people here is the appropriate table: Standard 25 inch reach – Measuring Stick  Download and print the table before you proceed with the video.
  3. If after watching the first few minutes of the video you  determine that another arm reach would be better,  download and print the appropriate table below**.

**Note: The scale on the Merritt Hypsometer, used to estimate the number of logs in a trees, also varies with arm reach. The correct interval for a 16 foot log is highlighted in yellow on each table. 

If you cannot find the arm reach that you need to make your stick, just send me an email with the reach that you need and I’ll create a table for you (



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