Jamie Dahl Hits the Ground Running as Forest Outreach Coordinator for Central State University

We are thrilled that Jamie Dahl was recently hired by Central State University to serve as Forest Outreach Coordinator. We are also proud to add Central State University to our growing list of partners working together to sustain the woodlands and serve the citizens of Appalachia Ohio.  Although Jamie just started in her new role in mid-July, she has already participated in several collaborative outreach and planning efforts.   Below is an excerpt from the Southeast Ohio Woodland Interest Group (SEOWIG) August 2018 Newsletter.  Welcome Jamie!


Jamie Dahl just started a new position as the Forest Outreach Coordinator with the Cooperative Extension and McIntire-Stennis Programs at Central State University. Jamie is co-located in the Wayne National Forest Headquarters in Nelsonville, Ohio. Jamie will be working directly with the Ohio Interagency Forestry Team. This team is focused toward improved forest health and reversing the decline of oak-hickory ecosystems in southeast Ohio.

Jamie will be working alongside Ohio State University Extension and other forestry partners to help assess and fill gaps in forestry outreach and education, with a focus on southeast Ohio. She will also help to support current programing such as: A Day in the Woods, Call Before You Cut, and 4H Forestry and Wildlife Camp. Jamie will primarily serve private landowners and youth as key audiences.

Central State University is one of the partner agencies that comprise the Ohio Interagency Forestry Team.  Member agencies include the USDA Forest Service (Northern Research Station, Wayne NF, State & Private Forestry Morgantown Field Office), USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Ohio Department of Natural Resources (Divisions of Forestry & Wildlife), The Ohio State University and Central State University (Cooperative Extension Programs).  The Ohio State University and Central State University are the two land-grant universities in Ohio that deliver cooperative extension programs and services. You can learn more about Central State University Extension here: http://www.centralstate.edu/academics/cse/agriculture/index10.php?num=28.

Jamie has a Bachelor of Science in Forest Management and a Master of Science in Forest Resources, Wood Procurement and Utilization, both from The Pennsylvania State University.  She is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Higher Education Leadership at Colorado State University with a focus on social science within natural resources. Jamie has previous forestry and natural resources experience in Pennsylvania and Colorado. Her prior work areas include: forest management, public outreach, volunteer management, training, research, and education. She is also an active member of the Society of American Foresters.

Jamie’s contact information is:  740-753-0904 (office); (740)-279-0656 (cell); jdahl@centralstate.edu

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