A DAY in the WOODs program on Breeding Birds offered at the Vinton Furnace State Forest on June 9th

Spring is a busy time in the woods, and some of the most active and colorful inhabitants are the multitude of breeding birds. These species have impressive life histories and the use diverse habitat available in the forest. Program attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn to identify common forest birds by sight and song
  • Experience mist netting and understand the important information gained with birds-in-hand
  • Spend a day in the woods with experienced birders
  • Understand habitat requirements of many woodland song birds

Photo Courtesy of Stephen Matthews, The Ohio State University

Featured presenters include Kelly Williams, Ohio University; Matthew Shumar, Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative, Laura Kearns, ODNR-Division of Wildlife, and Stephen Matthews , The Ohio State University.

“A Day in the Woods” and the “2nd Friday Series” programs run from May through November and are sponsored by the Education and Demonstration Subcommittee of the Vinton Furnace State Forest with support from Ohio State University Extension, ODNR-Divisions of Forestry and Wildlife, U.S. Forest Service, Vinton County Soil and Water Conservation District, National Wild Turkey Federation, Glatfelter, Ohio Tree Farm Committee, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Hocking College, Ohio Bird Conservation initiative and Ohio’s SFI Implementation Committee.

This program will take place on June 9th from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm at the Vinton Experimental Forest. A registration fee of $10 will cover the cost of a lunch and program materials. Please RSVP by calling OSU Extension Vinton County at 740-596-5212, or email Dave Apsley at apsley.1@osu.edu by June 5th.


For brochures, maps and directions, and more information about our programs for woodland owners and enthusiasts in SE Ohio, visit http://go.osu.edu/seohiowoods.

Other programs scheduled for the 2017 A DAY in the WOODS – 2nd Friday Series include:


  • Crawley Creatures in Your Woods, July 14 – Vinton Furnace State Forest
  • Summer Tree Identification, July 28 – Hocking College
  • Improving Habitat for Game Wildlife, August 11 – Vinton Furnace State Forest
  • Tips, Tools, and Techniques to Improve Your Woods, September 8 – Vinton Furnace State Forest
  • White Oak – Importance, Ecology, and Management, October 13 – Vinton Furnace State Forest
  • From Trees to Lumber, October 27 – Hocking College
  • Winter Tree & Shrub Identification, November 17 – Vinton Furnace State Forest
  • Stargazing, November 17 (6:30-10:30 PM) – Vinton Furnace State Forest

Brochure:DAY in the WOODS -2-27 Final dka-20vq9o6

Map and Directions: Directions – Experimental Forest

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