“Young Forests and Wildlife Habitat” offered on September 12th to Woodland Owners and Enthusiasts at the Vinton Furnace State Forest

Thanks to Our Guest Sponsor-Wildlife Management Institute

Thanks to Our Guest Sponsor-Wildlife Management Institute

Oh, to be young again… Ohio’s forests are getting older and this has caused a decline in many wildlife species like ruffed grouse, woodcock and several species of songbirds.   “The 2nd Friday Series” program on “Young Forests and Wildlife Habitat” will inform woodland owners and enthusiasts of the loss of Ohio’s young forests and the value of this critical habitat.  Most landowners have some understanding of the value of old forests and wetlands.  This program will help owners to understand the critical wildlife habitat that these young forests provide.  Some of the topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Ohio has lost vast amounts of young forest habitat during the past half century.  Learn how this has affected wildlife populations.
  • Creating young forest is often the key to maintaining healthy populations of a variety of wildlife species ranging from game species like white-tailed deer, wild turkey and ruffed grouse to non-game species like indigo bunting and bobcat. Learn how you can create this valuable wildlife habitat in your woods.
  • To enjoy a diversity of wildlife we need a diversity of habitats.  Learn what is a good balance of habitats for the species you are trying to encourage.
  • Forest management and silviculture are valuable tools for creating this important habitat and producing income at the same time.  Learn how to use these tools to enhance your woodland.
  • Acquire the ability to see through new eyes and appreciate the hope and beauty of a clearcut.

    Young Forest Wildlife Habitat

    Young Forest Wildlife Habitat

 “Young Forests and Wildlife Habitat” and the “2nd Friday Series” are sponsored by the Education and Demonstration Subcommittee of the Vinton Furnace State Forest with support from the ODNR-Divisions of Forestry and Wildlife, US Forest Service, Vinton County Soil and Water Conservation District, Ohio State University Extension,  The National Wild Turkey Federation, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Hocking College, Glatfelter and Ohio’s SFI Implementation Committee.  The Wildlife Management Institute will also be on hand to assist our ongoing “2nd Friday Series” sponsors with this program. 

“Young Forests and Wildlife Habitat” will take place near McArthur, Ohio at the Vinton Furnace State Forest.   This class is September 12th from 9 am to 3:30 pm.  Most of the program will take place outside so dress appropriately.   A registration fee of $10 will include lunch and program materials.  For brochures and more information on the other classes in the 2nd Friday Series, visit http://go.osu.edu/seohiowoods.  Please RSVP by calling 740-596-5212 (OSU Extension Vinton County) or emailing Dave at apsley.1@osu.edu by September 8th. 

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