Julie Margolis

Julie Margolis is a PhD student here at Ohio State who found the world of Anthropology through her passions in life. From finding interest in primates to different cultures, religions, and mummies, Julie found her place in the field as a bioarchaeologist. For her, being able to combine both her passions and the practical side of the career allows her to enjoy the work she’s doing day in and day out.

Julie’s current work consists of studying the presence of the antibiotic tetracycline in Nubian remains. This antibiotic entered their system through ingesting beer at above therapeutic levels. Julie is studying the effects this antibiotic has on the body, focusing on the biocultural relationship between humans and bacteria.

Julie is also working on a recent project, which she showcased at the 2019 AAPA’s. While working on her anatomy minor, Julie found an understudied pathology called SAPHO syndrome in one of her cadavers. This particular pathology can be hard to deem present and due to the lack of communication in the medical field, has only been written about a total of five times by paleopathologists. Julie’s goal is to gain a better understanding of this pathology and possibly give it the definition it needs.