Heather Willey

Picture of Heather WilleyHeather Willey is a Special Events Coordinator in the OSU Office of Distance Education and eLearning Learning Programs department. Her team hosts events such as State Science Day, Cyber Security Day, and Innovate. Her office also acts as the Ohio state office for Science Olympiad, a STEM focused competition for middle and high school students. She is currently working with the OSU Digital Flagship program to write an iBook user manual designed to help incoming freshman maximize their student experience using the iPad Pro. Heather has a BA in Anthropological Sciences and Medieval History from The Ohio State University, and a MSt in Maritime Archaeology from the University of Oxford. Her Master of Studies dissertation focused on Greek and Roman depictions of sea creatures in art from 100 B.C.E to 1000 C.E as they related to their changing relationship with the sea.

She has recently started working with the OSU Anthropology Department and the OSU Art Department to create 3D scans and models of skeletal remains for educational use. Her goal is to produce high quality digital scans of skeletal remains for anthropology students to use as part of the OSU Digital Flagship program and online courses. She is currently working with APOP to develop an evolutionary biology program in which APOP members will travel to local middle and high schools and teach workshops using a kit of 3D printed skulls depicting different species of hominids. At the end of each workshop, APOP will donate the evolutionary biology kit to the school.