Craig Shapiro

I’m in my third year as a graduate student at OSU.  I just finished my MA Thesis last Spring, and now I’m getting started as a PhD student.

I love archaeology!  I got really into anthropology through reading The National Geographic Magazine as a kid, and during my undergraduate studies at Washington & Lee University I was introduced to archaeological fieldwork.  My first fieldwork experience abroad was in Vanuatu, and since then I’ve worked in Bulgaria, Spain, French Polynesia, Rapa Nui, and Samoa.  Right now, I’m studying prehistoric agricultural systems in Samoa and how they served to variably mitigate flooding from extreme climatic events.  I’ve gotten to work with all sorts of cool technologies as an archaeologist–like flying drones and using LiDAR, GIS, and photogrammetry tools.

I also play the violin and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Samoa.  Feel free to send anyone with questions about the Peace Corps my way!