Guest Post From APOP Library Fun Fridays Co-Chair Alexis Dzubak

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an APOP Library Fun Fridays volunteer? Check out this write up from Co-Chair Alexis Dzubak:

At APOP’s recent visit to the Columbus Metropolitan Library-Franklinton branch, I helped run the Heads Up and Who’s That Ancestor programs with some fantastic volunteers! At this event, we had mostly teenagers and younger kids, and both age groups displayed a lot of curiosity about specimens we had. For most of them, it was their first time touching real bones; while some attendees were a little nervous at first, everyone wound up touching the bones and looking inside the eye sockets and the braincase.

My favorite part of library events is the connection that you can make with students and adults of all ages and how you can relate the material to their own interests. One student attendee told me that they wanted to be an engineer so I was telling the student how bones are like buildings…adapted for their function. This student wound up being so fascinated by the hominin and animal skulls we presented that they stayed the entire time, and even told me that they might want to take anthropology classes in college! This particular student thought it was really cool that you can tell what an animal eats by its teeth.   Another student was also enthralled by teeth; this student spent time figuring out the raccoon mandible and which tooth belonged in which socket…like a puzzle fitting together!

I really look forward to volunteering at future library events and seeing the enthusiasm that our attendees always bring. You might see us at your local Columbus Metropolitan Library branch soon! Check our APOP calendar out for future events.

Thanks to Craig (Co-Chair APOP Fun Fridays), Julie M., Sarah H., Sarah N., and Nick W. for all of their help at the event!

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