Trash or Treasure? Definitely Treasure! :)

We can’t say thank you enough to Seventh Son brewer Colin Vent, OSU Anthropology professor Dr. Nick Kawa, and OSU Knowlton Architecture School professors Dr. Forbes Lipschitz and Dr. Justin Diles for running one of the most fun and interesting explorations into repurposing waste we have ever attended! Colin talked about what Seventh Son does with their spent grains. Most of it goes to a local farm for animal feed, but some is also used in dog treats made by a local bakery! Animal feed is a good way to recycle because it means the brewers don’t have to pay to get the material hauled away, it doesn’t go to the landfill, and the farms get animal feed. One person asked if you can make paper with the spent grain and apparently you can! One neighbor is currently trying out Seventh Son’s grains for just that use. Nick discussed ways to recycle waste water. Impressively, Cbus achieved 100% reuse of its biosolids in 2017! Our city’s biosolids are made into Com-Til, a manure that is used all over Columbus to feed flower beds. Fun fact: Com-Til is used to fertilize the Oval on OSU’s campus. If you want to learn more about Com-Til, check out this link : Forbes showed us how the Privy2 garden design allows for the creation of a private nook amongst corn fed by Com-til. Lastly, Justin helped us to better understand how recycled plastics can be made into building materials. Bottles, for example, can be are melted down, shaped, and then coated in fiberglass for strength, and then used to build full scale buildings that are both light weight and eco-friendly. Privy2 (pictured here) is made of 38,000 1 liter plastic bottles!

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