Breakfast of Science Champions!

Thursday Nov. 14th was a big day for APOP! We hosted 29 of Ms. Lovie Mayo’s 8th graders from Johnson Park Middle School, with help from Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Suhoza. Things kicked off with an introductory forensic anthro talk from resident forensic anthropologist Alexis Dzubak. After this, students participated in activities focusing on determining human bones from non-human bones ran by Barbara Betz, taphonomy and trauma run by Leigh Oldershaw, age assessment and sex determination in human skeletal remains facilitated by Mark Hubbe, and crime scene documentation run by Angela Harden! Madee Green very kindly assisted with logistics. We also had donuts, fruit, and a make-shift lemonade bar! HUGE thanks to Johnson Park, and Ms. Mayo for making this happen!!

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