Learning Outside the Classroom

by Madilyn Majors

My experience with Aphasia Initiative this semester has been amazing. I came into the group knowing very little about aphasia and had never encountered someone who has aphasia. Furthermore, this group was beneficial beyond the realm of education, this group allowed me to take a class that fit my personality. I love having the opportunity to interact with others of all backgrounds, and aphasia initiative gave me such an amazing outlet to pursue this. In addition to giving the learning support that student’s need, aphasia Initiative has been known for giving amazing support to the members. I have watched as this semester has progressed connections between members have become stronger, and deep conversations are had by many that result in growth. This group really sets the standard for what support is. They are with you through the hardships and will cheer you on through every achievement you have no matter how small. This support doesn’t end simply at the members. I found that even I was being supported by those around me when I was learning how to better assist in the aphasia initiative. I was afraid I would say the wrong thing, or not do enough but with the constant encouragement of Professor Brello and the members in aphasia initiative I felt more comfortable to make mistakes and learn from them.

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