Transforming the Undergraduate Experience through Service Learning

by Allison Kinross

Aphasia Initiative has been one of the most transformative experiences I have had during my four year at Ohio State. Studying language development within the classroom is always interesting, but being able to engage in hands-on learning experience took my love for the major to entirely new level. Working under Arin and Jen gave me both observation hours and exemplary practices that I will be able to carry into the field.

My favorite part about working as a communication partner in the Aphasia Initiative is seeing the same members week after week. Their vulnerability in the group really shines when they share their stories with us and their peers. They might not always believe me, but I have seen tremendous amounts of progress in their language skills. Throughout our own communication activities, and the techniques their speech-language pathologists give them, they have made great strides in their communication confidence. I feel as though I have developed real friendships within the group.

After working with the group for three years, I developed a new passion for working with persons with aphasia. I hope to work in a hospital setting with stroke and traumatic brain injury patients after graduate school. My involvement in this program is what sparked my interest in the field and I could not be more thankful for the opportunities it gave me!

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