Member Story: Self-Defense by David

David Herriott is the epitome of putting your passion into practice. He has always been an avid participant of jiujitsu, and his stroke did not change that. In fact, David advocates that his physical-wellness and awareness of the capabilities of his body have helped his recovery process drastically. He felt that other members of the Aphasia Initiative could benefit from a class on fitness and self-defense.

He, in partnership with his friends Devan Quitter and Sean Foster, from the Columbus State Self Defense Program,  planned and organized a class in which fundamental body movements carried over into self-defense techniques. Members learned how to fall safely, how to get back up, how to protect their heads and necks, how to adapt to the vulnerable parts of their bodies and defend themselves.  The group courageously volunteered in many of the demonstrations. David was a huge inspiration, reminding us that if you put in time and effort, and love what you do, anything is possible. Thank you, David!

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