Research Group

I collaborate with many people around the world, but it is a special privilege to work with students and postdocs.


I draw students from the Department of Physics and Department of Astronomy at OSU.  My students are involved in research, teaching, and public engagement.

Note to prospective students: I get MANY queries every fall about openings in my group.  In the US, admissions are handled by the departments, not by individual faculty members.  I’m usually unable to say more than “good luck” when people contact me about admissions.  I try to send every person a one-line email back, but I miss a lot on account of my inbox exploding especially near the application deadline.  Please don’t take it personally.  It’s about me, not about you!  I am unable to Zoom before application deadlines and admissions decisions are made — not because I don’t want to meet you, but because I am super strapped for time.  Once students arrive at OSU, I can start building relationships, and we can figure out good research group matches for the incoming students.

Current physics students: Kirsten Casey (dwarf galaxy searches, distance measurement), Charlie Mace (substructure lensing/dark matter astrophysics theory), and Carton Zeng (substructure lensing/dark matter astrophysics theory).

Current astronomy students: Joy Bhattacharyya (low surface brightness galaxies, backsplash).

I work with other graduate students on a per-project basis, or on a co-advising basis.


Nicole Fedor is working on predictions for missing Local Volume galaxies.

Zavier Kamath is working on warm dark matter constraints with observed structural properties of galaxies.


I collaborate with a number of CCAPP fellows.  Currently, those fellows are Dr. Ivan Esteban (inflationary power spectrum) and Dr. Jung-Tsung Li (solar gamma rays, cosmic ray propagation in the solar system) .


Graduate: Dr. Stacy Kim (OSU Astronomy 2019): Now at U of Surrey.

Dr. Ben Buckman (OSU Physics 2020), jointly advised with Prof. Todd Thompson (OSU Astronomy) and Prof. Tim Linden (Stockholm University).  He just started a new industry research job in Dayton, OH.

Dr. A. Bianca Davis (OSU Physics 2022), LBT-SONG dwarf galaxy searches.  She is now a research analytics specialist at the OSU Government Resource Center.

Dr. Daniella Roberts (OSU Physics 2022), satellite luminosity functions with COSMOS and DES data sets.  She is currently a data scientist at MITRE.

Dr. Christopher Garling (OSU Astronomy 2022), satellite galaxy searches and quenching studies with LBT-SONG and MADCASH.  Near Field Cosmology fellow at the University of Virginia.

While they were still students, I collaborated closely with Drs. Greg Dooley (MIT; self-interacting dark matter and galaxy evolution theory on dwarf scales; now at Google), Vera Gluscevic (Caltech; direct detection of dark matter; now an assistant professor at the University of Southern California), Samuel Lee (Caltech; direct detection of dark matter; now at the Broad Institute), Kenny Ng (OSU; gamma-ray and neutrino emission from cosmic-ray interactions with the Sun; now an assistant professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong), Miguel Rocha (UCI; self-interacting dark matter halo phenomenology), Mei-Yu Wang (U of Pittsburgh; decaying dark matter halo phenomenology; now a McWilliams fellow at Carnegie Mellon University), and Bei Zhou (OSU; gamma-ray emission from the Sun; now a postdoc at JHU).

Undergraduate: Kathy Duray (OSU physics and astronomy), Alex Giovannone (OSU physics), Jiasheng He (OSU physics), Kaitlin McTague (OSU aerospace engineering/astronomy), Aishwarya Srivastava (OSU computer science), Tianyi Yang (Haverford astronomy). At UCI I worked with Bryan Arant (physics and computer science), and at Caltech I worked with Chris Moody (physics).


Dr. Johnny Greco (NSF and CCAPP fellow, low surface brightess galaxies), Senior Applied Scientist,

Dr. Tim Linden (Einstein and CCAPP fellow, dark matter and cosmic-ray astrophysics theory and observation), now an assistant professor at Stockholm University.

Dr. Anna Nierenberg (CCAPP fellow, dark matter substructure lensing, dwarf galaxies), now an assistant professor at UC Merced.

Dr. Amy Sardone (HI observation, galaxy evolution), now an entrepreneur.

Dr. Adi Zolotov (CCAPP fellow, galaxy evolution theory), now the Director of the Data Science Program at CNA.