Grants flow to our group!

Our group got two new grants to fund exciting work on two very different topics!  First, we were awarded an NSF grant, in collaboration with Prof. Alex Drlica-Wagner’s group at Chicago, to find and characterize dwarf galaxies in the Local Volume.  Second, we were awarded a NASA grant to study cosmic-ray transport and gamma-ray emission from the Sun.  This grant involves many current OSU people and recent OSU alums, as well as a number of experimental and solar physics collaborators sprinkled around the globe.  You can read more here:

On a personal note, I am extremely relieved that these two grants on two SUPER exciting topics came in when they did.  I have a young child who has been home for the past six months.  Without my in-laws, my mental health and productivity would have really tanked.  I really was not looking forward to writing grant proposals this semester, which already is loaded with teaching & service responsibilities, with an extroverted five-year-old glued to me.  Thanks to the success of these grants and the child care provided by my in-laws, this term is going to be manageable.  I’m excited to get going on the science!

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