Hosting a Community of Hosting Practice

Welcome to the Art of Hosting Community of Practice at Ohio State University.  This site will serve us as a virtual container: a space for inquiry, exchange and reflection about the practices of the Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter.

Hosting practitioners have been active at Ohio State for a number of years.  Following a training session at the Audubon Center in April 2019, several of us realized that we needed a way to sustain and develop our collective learning, and to build on the relationships that emerged during the training.  Accordingly, we issued a call for participants to help build a community of practice by gathering at the Research Commons of the 18th Avenue Library on May 3, 2019.

A community exists to meet the needs of its members. The purpose of our community of practice is:

  • To deepen our understanding of hosting principles
  • To develop and extend our hosting skills
  • To support each other in the work of hosting conversations that matter.

We intend to keep these purposes at the center of our gathering and our learning.