4-H Update Friday!!!

We have had quite a busy week this week with prepping for Still Project Judging (which makes us feel somewhat like normal these days ūüėä).

Still Project Judging

We will be conducting Still Project Judging in the Robinson Stage Building (this is our waiting area) and the Wise Building (where exhibitors will escorted to judging area). Registration will begin at 5 p.m. Depending on weather, registration will be in the tent between the two buildings. Please, file a socially distant line in the correct line for your last name alphabetically. Signs will be posted. We are asking participants/parents to park across the road in the typical fair parking area. We will have some limited handicap parking up by the buildings. With various kids walking back and forth between buildings, we ask that you do not park between the buildings. Also, we are asking that if parents want to wait in their car, that is encouraged to limit on the amount of people in the buildings. We will also not be providing chairs for those in the waiting area of the Robinson Stage Building. This is due to not having the amount of helpers or supplies needed to sanitize chairs between individuals. Parents and families are welcome to bring their own chairs, or as previously mentioned, wait in the car. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Any persons attending judging are encouraged to wear a mask or some form of facial covering when inside or unable to keep 6 feet social distance. We will supply disposables if needed as well as gloves if preferred.

Any youth who requested a Zoom, they will get their information emailed on Monday when they are set up. This will go to the email that is provided on the request form.

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Caps 4 A Cause Drop Off

4-H Teen Ambassadors will have a cap drop off for plastic caps for a cause at Still Project Judging. Drop off will be located in the Robinson Stage Building. Any 4-H youth interested in helping to clean and weigh caps will get extra entries added to their club for the pizza party drawing. This is open for all of the county youth to help with this project.


Livestock Tag Pick Up 

Early Livestock Tag Pick Up Opportunity will be at Still Project Judging in the Robinson Stage Building. We will have market animal tags ready for Hogs, Lambs, Goats, beef and dairy feeders. Exhibitors may also register for Livestock Skill-a-thon at this time as well.


Extension Office Schedules

Also, please be advised that our office staff are not currently working full time from the office. Ohio State is still encouraging us to telework from home as much as possible and days we work in the office are limited and only for essential purposes (such as prepping for judging). We are not in the office every day and may be working on things from home still. This is why all Extension clientele are asked to make an appointment before coming to the Extension office.

4-H’s dedicated day in the office is currently Thursdays.

However,  we will also be in on Monday of next week (July 13th) to finish last minute prepping for judging. If you need to drop someone off or pick something up. Please, let us know in advance by calling 740-695-1455 or emailing antill.19@osu.edu.


 Reminder from State Leaders 

As clubs begin to begin meeting in person again, the state office has asked us to remind you to ensure a safe environment for all and to follow OSU Policies on social distancing. Also, as a reminder, members are not to attend any club meeting, 4-H event or function, if they have a fever, show signs or symptoms of COVID-19, or have been in contact with someone confirmed to have contracted COVID-19. If you attend a 4-H event or function and then contract COVID-19, please report this immediately to Crystal Antill at the Extension office!


Junior Fair Work Days

Jr Fair work days are being held this Saturday and Sunday (July 11th & 12th). Many people have confirmed they will be out to help set up various barns and buildings. No set times, just come out and help. Good way to gain some community service hours and pull this fair together!

OHIO 4-H WEEK 2020


It has been a busy Ohio 4-H week for our Belmont County 4-H Teen Ambassadors and some of their fellow 4-H friends! They started the week with promotional team work, presenting to Bridgeport 3rd grade students and Martin’s Ferry middle school students. Both schools should be very proud of their students, as they were so welcoming and engaged as our Teen Leaders promoted our county 4-H program and all it has to offer. Then our Teen Ambassadors presented in front of the Belmont County Commissioners and guests at their meeting on Wednesday, March 11th. The county commissioners commended our ambassadors for having such passion and awesome public speaking skills, which they contributed to their years in 4-H. Round out our 4-H week with one of our very own ambassadors organizing fist-bumps for 4-H. Some of our Teen Leaders doing Fist Bumps for 4-H with some Union Local Elementary School students on their way into school and passing out “I Love 4-H” stickers. Some of our younger 4-H members were so excited to see their older 4-H club members and favorite camp counselors on their way into school! Some of our teens even went to the gym and participated in the morning walk with the elementary school students before classes. So proud of our Belmont County 4-H youth and their passion for the program. They truly make the BEST program BETTER!
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During our Ohio 4-H Week, our county also had some clubs participate in doing displays to promote 4-H out in the community. Some pictures are listed below of displays from our community clubs spreading the word on 4-H!