Make a 4-H Tissue Pouch!

Perfect sewing activity for beginners!

Who doesn’t need a tissue pouch during the COVID-19 Epidemic!


14″x 7″ print cotton flannel
14″x 7″ solid cotton flannel
Fabric marker
Sewing supplies
Ruler/measuring tape

Use a 1/4″ seam allowance
Cut two 4 1/2″x 6″ pieces of each flannel for front.
Cut two 4″x 6″ of each flannel for back.
Fold print down 2″ from the top.
Place folded print RS up onto RS of back flannel piece.
Sew edges together.
Fold each print piece down 2″ from top; then fold in half lengthwise and finger press.
Fold each solid piece in half lengthwise and finger press.
Place the print piece around the solid piece as shown in the photo.
Sew edges together.
With RS together, lay the front on top of the back. Match the sides and top & overlap center front pieces.
Sew edges together. Turn RS out.

Courteous of JOANN Fabrics, a proud 4-H supporter!
Find more fun projects and crafting ideas at their website!

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