Learning Artifact: Communication

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To succeed in a group setting in an online class, communication is key. After a group is established, you or a fellow member should create a group chat to maintain an avenue of discussion. Group chats can be made over GroupMe, IMessage, Kik, and more. Shoot ideas to one another and keep each other updated. This will minimize the risks of not being with each other in person. Also, look to work over a cloud storage system. One like Google docs will allow members to follow one another’s progress and work collaboratively.

Learning Artifact: Search Engine Shortcuts

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While the academic material is the best source of information, online can provide valuable knowledge as well. It can be hassle sometimes to find precisely what you’re looking for, so the following are some quick tips.

If you’re looking for webites that are similar, type related:website

Example: related:google

The results will be websites that are similar to Google.

Also, use quotations to find specifics.

Example: “long haired cats”

You will only get results with that specific search included.

Learning Artifact: OSU Library Resources

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Ohio State offers an online library with a vast selection of peer-reviewed articles, academic journals, books, and more. Material held by the library is easy to access and often more reliable than random Google articles. If anything the tools here will provide you with a great basis to learn from.

Organizing a To-do list

Creating a map of tasks to complete encourages you to actually do them. It also allows individuals to strategize a game plan and keep visual evidence of progress. Using hand notes, sticky notes, or digital software are great methods for planning.

Picking a Study Space

It is important to find an area that will promote learning. Quiet, spacious, and something you find comfortable. Settling in this sport will allow you to work stress-free, and distraction free.

Note taking Short Cuts

It is incredibly important to ensure your notes are clear and concise. You only want to be gathering the important subject material. Quick and efficient also come to mind and one trick for achieving those, are abbreviations. Instead of writing out an entire word, abbreviate it to shorten the amount of time you have to read/write. Aesthetically your notes will also look tidier.

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