So, It’s the End: Now What?

As students we live for the end of a semester or quarter, that is what I have reached. This is likely that last post I will make, as I am off to bigger and better things. But, fear not, for you all have learned many things on this journey. And, as I am won’t to do I will summarize these things in a list format, along with where to go from here.

What We’ve Learned About Technology/Online Tools/Online Resources:

  • The internet is a great source, we should definitely use, smartly!
  • But we must be careful, it is the internet after all, not everything is completely true or factual.
  • Searching is different from research.
  • Use a calendar, make a schedule, set goals.
  • There are tons of websites out there to help you learn, find them.
  • Blogs and discussion boards are key. They can be super helpful in your learning process.
  • Videos are great too! Find what you are studying on websites like Youtube and Khan Academy.
  • Look for those credible sources, you don’t want to present incorrect information.4858145_orig
  • Utilize Google Docs and Dropbox when doing group projects, keep your group connected.
  • Have scheduled breaks when studying, it can get boring after all.
  • Flowcharts can help, as well as venn diagrams, graphs, tables, charts, pictures and regular diagrams.5
  • Libraries and their online catalogs should not be forgotten, use them.Schlagwortkatalog

What We’ve Learned About Ourselves (Mostly Me :P):

  • I procrastinate, came in with that knowledge, but it should be stated.
  • I’m all about the basic outline format for notes
  • I’m all about the verbal learning, I learn best from the things I read and hear.
  • We all have different learning styles, so we should use a combination of methods to help us learn.
  • I don’t like sentences, which makes getting to the word count harder, at least for 500+.
  • I’m pretty adept at the internet 😛
  • I could blog for a living… If I do say so for myself.
  • Online courses can be fun!

What We Will Remember Forever:

  • I hope that it’s this blog!
    • Who knew that blogs could be such useful tools of study?
    • They definitely help organize information and affirm your thoughts.
    • Also, hopefully they can help start scholarly conversations with people, if they visit and comment… which no one has. ;-; Come on guys!
  • Discussion boards
    • All the same reasons as above.

What the Future Will Hold:

(In the future we will, or at least should:)

  • Make plans and stick to them!
  • Take notes, rewrite those notes, do it again.1
  • Use pen for those notes.
  • Personalize those notes.4
  • Procrastinate less, hard to do easy to say.
  • Prioritize, especially when making our schedules.
  • Email our professors if we need anything.Email Tips
  • Read discussion boards, the can help answer your questions.
  • Use Google well, it is your friend.go
  • Sleep, daily. Go for at least 7 or 8 hours.
  • Utilize the internet to our advantages!



Honestly, what are the other posts for? Everything is covered here! Regardless you should definitely review them, they are pretty great…

3 thoughts on “So, It’s the End: Now What?

  1. Hi Nana,

    This is absolutely a amazing blog post. It is very detailed and information. You also included images along with your descriptions. Plus, the information is well organized. Great post!

  2. Hi Nana,

    This is absolutely an amazing blog post. The information is very detailed and informative. You also provided images to accompany your description which makes each topic entertaining. Plus, the information is well-organized. Great post!

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