So, It’s the End: Now What?

As students we live for the end of a semester or quarter, that is what I have reached. This is likely that last post I will make, as I am off to bigger and better things. But, fear not, for you all have learned many things on this journey. And, as I am won’t to do I will summarize these things in a list format, along with where to go from here.

What We’ve Learned About Technology/Online Tools/Online Resources:

  • The internet is a great source, we should definitely use, smartly!
  • But we must be careful, it is the internet after all, not everything is completely true or factual.
  • Searching is different from research.
  • Use a calendar, make a schedule, set goals.
  • There are tons of websites out there to help you learn, find them.
  • Blogs and discussion boards are key. They can be super helpful in your learning process.
  • Videos are great too! Find what you are studying on websites like Youtube and Khan Academy.
  • Look for those credible sources, you don’t want to present incorrect information.4858145_orig
  • Utilize Google Docs and Dropbox when doing group projects, keep your group connected.
  • Have scheduled breaks when studying, it can get boring after all.
  • Flowcharts can help, as well as venn diagrams, graphs, tables, charts, pictures and regular diagrams.5
  • Libraries and their online catalogs should not be forgotten, use them.Schlagwortkatalog

What We’ve Learned About Ourselves (Mostly Me :P):

  • I procrastinate, came in with that knowledge, but it should be stated.
  • I’m all about the basic outline format for notes
  • I’m all about the verbal learning, I learn best from the things I read and hear.
  • We all have different learning styles, so we should use a combination of methods to help us learn.
  • I don’t like sentences, which makes getting to the word count harder, at least for 500+.
  • I’m pretty adept at the internet 😛
  • I could blog for a living… If I do say so for myself.
  • Online courses can be fun!

What We Will Remember Forever:

  • I hope that it’s this blog!
    • Who knew that blogs could be such useful tools of study?
    • They definitely help organize information and affirm your thoughts.
    • Also, hopefully they can help start scholarly conversations with people, if they visit and comment… which no one has. ;-; Come on guys!
  • Discussion boards
    • All the same reasons as above.

What the Future Will Hold:

(In the future we will, or at least should:)

  • Make plans and stick to them!
  • Take notes, rewrite those notes, do it again.1
  • Use pen for those notes.
  • Personalize those notes.4
  • Procrastinate less, hard to do easy to say.
  • Prioritize, especially when making our schedules.
  • Email our professors if we need anything.Email Tips
  • Read discussion boards, the can help answer your questions.
  • Use Google well, it is your friend.go
  • Sleep, daily. Go for at least 7 or 8 hours.
  • Utilize the internet to our advantages!



Honestly, what are the other posts for? Everything is covered here! Regardless you should definitely review them, they are pretty great…