So, You Want Some Tips On: Web-Enhanced Listening and Viewing Strategies

As students we have to listen to and view things (or people a.k.a lecturers), unfortunately. The real challenge, though, is to do these tasks effectively in order to not only learn the material, but also to get that most desirable grade of not a failure. Sound familiar? It should, after all it is the same goal as before! To do this, you should take notes and augment your lectures with videos and podcasts. I have compiled some general rules for these aspects of college/school studies to help you out.

Rules for Taking Notes:

  1. Take notes2
  2. Use pen
  3. Use abbreviations
  4. Only write what is important or what you don’t understand
  5. If there are powerpoints available, print them
  6. Type them if you want
  7. Always date and title them
  8. Keep a record of any urls you visited that helped with the information
  9. Write the main ideas
  10. Write the keywords5
  11. Organize them
  12. Personalize them6
  13. Leave plenty of space for more notes
  14. Attend class
  15. Write down things that are repeated
  16. Paraphrase
  17. Write the notes on loose-leaf paper and keep them in a binder
  18. Stay on topic
  19. Write them in a way to help you learn, so if you need pictures, use pictures


Rules for Listening:

Announcement: Podcasts can be helpful tools to help you learn and augment your education. iTunes U is a great source of podcasts…

Anyway… after that public service announcement, back to the rules!

  1. Take notes
  2. Listen to inflection changes to find indications of importance
  3. Focus
  4. Take notes1

Rules for Watching/Viewing:

  1. Take notes
  2. Body language is telling, if they act like it is important, write it down
  3. If they write it down, it’s important
  4. Take notes

Remember: Sites like Khan Academy, Academic Earth, Utubersity, and Youtube are great sources of educational videos… Use them. 3

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