My Challenge: Educational Video…

I was challenged to find an educational video, of interest to me, to post here. Below, you will find that video. It is contains visual representations of 15 different sorting methods that can be, and are, used in computer programs. I felt like this was, and is, an especially helpful video because it takes a rather abstract and not very easily understood process and shows the inner workings of it in an interesting and rather mesmerizing way. Although it is rather unconventional, I do believe that it is very educational and inspirational even, especially when you are having issues writing a code to sort something.

In this video, you will find 15 different sorting methods. These methods are- Selection sort:¬†0:00, Insertion sort: 0:10, Quick sort {LR ptrs}: 0:39, Merge sort: 1:06,Heap sort: 1:29, Radix sort {LSD} : 1:55, Radix sort {MSD}: 2:11, std::sort (GCC) : 2:33, std::stable_sort (GCC): 3:05, Shell sort: 3:37, Bubble sort: 4:01, Cocktail shaker sort: 4:19, Gnome sort: 4:33, Bitonic sort: 4:53, and Bogo sort: 5:17. Every method is displayed by lines, or rectangles, of varying lengths in a randomized order. Throughout the approximately 20 seconds of time, per method, the lines, or rectangles, are sorted in various ways, all resulting in an arrangement from least to greatest starting from the left of the screen to the right of the screen. Every sort is played to completion except for the Bogo sort, the last one, as its method involves moving a piece, or line, to a random location and checking if the whole thing is sorted, so it can take a long time….


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