So, You Want Some Tips On: Netiquette, Communicating Online, and Using the Internet to Your Advantage

As students in modern, 21st century, society we know all about the internet and social media. By the time most of us have hit college, we already have an internet presence. There are stories, on the internet, of people who have had possible employers look them up online or friend them on Facebook. We have all seen videos┬ásuch as the ones below, where some unsuspecting person has their minds blown by what some stranger knows about them; so, I won’t go into the whole spiel on being careful of what you post. But, I will touch on some general netiquette rules of thumb for many different occasions.

Rule 1: Social Media-Here is the one time I’ll say it, think before you post/send/tweet/text/forward/etc. If you don’t want someone to see it or you could get in trouble, don’t put it out there.

Rule 2: Discussion Boards-Definitely use discussion boards to your advantage for classes, projects, homework, really anything that has one. Although, when you are posting on one 1)Don’t lie and 2)Don’t rage. Discussion boards are all about sharing knowledge and ideas, not drama.

Rule 3: Email-Don’t be afraid to email your professors, no matter if you need clarification on a homework question, you missed a class, or you just need to schedule a meeting. When you email them write a letter along this format…

Email Tips

Rule 4: Blogs-These are great places to learn! Take advantage of them and read them or create one to help you organise your thoughts and reinforce what you know.

Rule 5: Group Projects-Not specifically online but the internet can definitely help with these. Create shared wikis, Google Docs, Dropboxes, schedules, polls, websites, and Blogs with your teammates to keep connected and on task. It makes projects much easier.

With these tips you are definitely a few steps closer in successfully using the internet to your advantage… INTERNET DOMINATION!!!!


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