Dog Adoption Service Event

This past February, I participated in a service event through BioSci scholars that took us to a local PetSmart to help a dog shelter hold their weekly dog adoption fair. Everyone was given a dog to take care of for the day and show off to people in hopes of finding them a home. The dog that I was paired up with, Booker, was the sweetest dog ever! He just wanted to be pet the entire time. I really had a blast taking care of him for the day, as well as being surrounded by so many other dogs! Unfortunately he did not get adopted that day, but it was still an overall successful event because a few of the other dogs did, and it felt great to have contributed to that. I love animals, so this was by far my favorite service event of the year.

Hospital Volunteering

As of December 2017, I have started volunteering at a hospital in my home town (Lima Memorial Hospital). I help the pharmacy run errands and deliver meds throughout the day. Even though I have just started, I really enjoy spending time in the pharmacy and getting to know everyone that works there, as well as becoming familiar with the hospital environment and seeing how things work there. It’s encouraged me even further to pursue a health career.

Year in Review

The end of my first semester of college is coming up quickly! Even though it has only been a few months since I started my freshman year, I feel as though I have already started to grow as a person. It may not seem like there’s been any apparent change; I haven’t yet joined a club or organization, I am still looking for a consistent volunteer opportunity, etc. However, my entire attitude has changed, and I have learned a lot about college during this time. At the beginning of the semester, I was afraid of over-working myself, I didn’t want to do anything unless it was mandatory, and I thought I could somehow still have a good college experience without doing much work. Now, I’ve realized that that won’t get me anywhere. I’ve learned better time management skills, have improved my grades, I have plans to join a club at the beginning of next semester, I’m going to volunteer at the hospital back home over winter break, and overall my entire mindset has become more productive and positive. I’m much more interested in becoming involved here at OSU, as much of the initial intimidation has fallen away. I now know how to follow through with a plan to achieve my short-term, near future, goals. I am looking forward to what is yet to come, and what the second half of my freshman year will bring!

Scholars Corn Maze Trip

This scholars event was a ton of fun; it was a great way to meet other scholars and form bonds as well as spending time outdoors, navigating a corn maze, interacting with various types of farm animals, going on a hayride, and picking pumpkins.


The G.O.A.L.S. are the pillars of the Scholars program, and each letter represents a different aspect of what is important and prioritized during my college experience.

“G” stands for Global Awareness, which means that students develop an appreciation and understanding for diverse people and cultures. I am currently working on a minor in Spanish, and I also plan on studying abroad in the future.
“O” is for Original Inquiry, which means that Honors & Scholars students put an emphasis on finding opportunities, such as engaging in research. Next year, I hope to find a position in a lab that I could become a part of to gain research experience to help me develop my interests when it comes to pursuing a career.
“A” is for Academic Enrichment, meaning that Honors & Scholars students look for academic experiences and challenges in and out of the classroom. I am currently working on maintaining a high gpa, taking challenging courses, and trying to meet professors and faculty.
“L” stands for Leadership Development, which means that leadership is an important quality and skill to develop for academics, clubs, organizations, and future roles and career paths. I hope to find a club or organization that I can fit into well that I am interested in and passionate about that I could form a leadership position in.
“S” is for Service Engagement, which means that service to the community is a characteristic of Honors & Scholars students. I plan on volunteering at a hospital or medical facility as soon as possible.


This picture is from my high school graduation, in which I graduated with honors and was recognized by the National Honor Society, which being apart of taught me great leadership skills which I plan to continue using through one day being the leader of a club/organization here at OSU, and in my future career.

About Me

My name is Olivia Anike, and I am a student of the class of 2021 of The Ohio State University. I am from a small town called Lima, Ohio and attended a high school that was not even a fraction of the size of OSU.


Throughout my life, I have always had a deep appreciation for education and an interest in learning that was instilled in me by my family. During school, I enjoyed a variety of subjects including science, english, spanish, and music. I participated in Choir for 7 years, and was heavily involved in Spanish Club for 4 years. I also was a member of color guard in the marching band for 3 years, and the National Honor Society. All activities and extracurriculars that I was apart of taught me important lifelong skills such as teamwork, service, responsibility, composure, and leadership.


However, my greatest academic interest was definitely science, which has inspired me to strive for a career in the medical field, along with a strong desire to help people and improve the quality of life for others. It also prompted me to major in Biology and join the Biological Sciences Scholars here at The Ohio State University, which I am apart of today. Another strong academic interest of mine that has kept me passionate about language and culture is Spanish, which is why I chose it as a minor.


I hope to take advantage of any positive opportunities that I am able to, such as research, to expand my knowledge and build my way into a science-based career. I am very excited to begin this new chapter of my life here at The Ohio State University, because I know I will enhance my passions, educate myself further, have extraordinary experiences and make outstanding memories.