Blog 5: Group Joiner Project

Edited Collage

Computer Generated Collage

Assembled Collage

Learning about the work of Hockney illustrated to me the idea of art as a means to represent abstract concepts such as time. The most difficult part of the project was coordinating with 3 three people to get a finished product. The most interesting part was learning how other people viewed are work. For example one person mentioned that the perspective in the assembled collage was creepy ,because it is over the shoulder.  I found it interesting how when we created the collage we did not even consider how the perspective of the viewer was important. My favorite of the 3 is the printed collage because it was the one I had the most input on and I also liked how it flowed left to right. Given more time I would have tried to create depth by making the pictures near the bottom looking upwards and the pictures near the top looking downwards. I didn’t feel as if Photoshop’s automation feature represented where I wanted to go with the assembly, because the algorithm only considers shape and can’t determine time or perspective.

Hockney view is that Photoshop has led to a decline in creativity in the way we view photographic art. I would disagree with this assertion that Photoshop has led to a lack of creativity when taking photo ,because to me they photography and Photoshop are two distinct skill sets. The ability to edit a photo  ,and the quality of the original photo are two separate elements. The problem lies when people rely on photo shop as a crutch or hide imperfections that inherently exist, and this create as Hockney stated a more “boring” result.

I view Photoshop as a tool in which to make art. The algorithm that generated the collage is a tool and not a co -creator. The article  brought an interesting point about his saying the computer generated art isn’t communicating anything. So the argument would necessarily boil down to what a person would qualify as art ,and because I also believe art must communicate something works created by that type of algorithm I do not consider art. The algorithm does not consider what’s it’s trying t express it just attempts to match shapes and lines.

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