Blog 2: PhotoShop Tutorial Pictures

Gray Scale:


Obtained through image>mode>grayscale removes all color values from pixels in the picture.


Obtained through image>mode>desaturate reduced the intensity of color in all pixels.


Obtained by gray scaling the original then to image>mode>duocolor and then choosing a color to represent gray in the scaling.

Channel Mixer:

Obtained by creating a mask layer over the original and adjusting the color on the layer’s channels.

Blog 1: Elements And Principles

15 Elements of Art and Design

Lines: A line is a path of a moving point. which is exemplified by the window grilles that form line segments.

Alignment: An arrangement forming a straight line, the post if traced form a straight line.

Pattern: An orderly repetition of visual elements, The tiles on the ground create a repeating pattern.

Shapes: Contour of a flat object, the squares making up the chess board are shapes.

Space: An objects external and internal areas, the pavement and the moth are separated creating space.

Proportion:The scaling of objects in relation to each-other, the scaling of the butterfly to my hand.

Emphasis:An accentuation of importance, The queen looks more important when surrounded by smaller pieces.

Texture: The tactile look of an object, the grip on the mouse has a distinct texture.

Balance: Distribution of equal visual weight, despite more pieces being on the left there are larger pieces on the right thus creating balance.

Form: A 3 dimensional object having depth, the bottle is an example of form.

Color: The chromatic quality of an object, The controllers color is black.

Movement: A directed path of visual movement, in this picture the eye is inclined to follow the flow of the water from the rim of the glass.

Contrast: A juxtaposition that accentuates difference, the green post it stacks to the yellow post it stack.

Unity: A harmonious arrangement of visual elements, The asymmetrical balance of the land and ocean as well as theĀ  movement from land to the ocean creates unity.

Value: An objects brightness, the brightness of the knight in comparison to the darkness of the physics textbook.