Final Project

Our Final Project for this course was to design a website about a certain subject that directly interests/impacts us. I chose to document the Evolution of Concussions. For some background I had a severe concussion during my sophomore year of high school that has had lasting affects on myself. The key for this disease is education and that was my goal for this project. I used Photoshop and IMovie in order to create a very professional and informational website. I used a series of graphically edited photos along with text edited photos and video clips to get the information across in an interesting way.

Website Link:

Final Essay


Week 11-12: IMOVIE and Storytelling

The attached video link is the final product for myself and Curtis Sandy’s presentation with the use of IMOVIE. We inserted ourselves into ‘Breaking Free’ from High School Musical. This project was very detailed and took a lot of time, but as you will see it is well worth it. We utilized both Photoshop and IMOVIE. I was the one in charge of cropping out PNG images of each person and it is estimated that we used over 50-60 photos. Curtis was in charge of the animation of the heads. We had to go frame by frame for the full length of the video. In regards to the identity portion of this project. Our goal was comedic relief and I believe we accomplished it. I hope you enjoy the final product because we had a great time making it.

My Movie 4 from Curtis Sandy on Vimeo.

Week 9-10: Self Portraits


Reflection Essay

Week 8: Blog & 3D Graphic Design

This is my project for the 3D design project. For this project I used the magnet lasso tool to crop a picture that was used at my sisters wedding. I then inserted that picture into a flam background for a “wow” factor. The 3D aspect came into play when I used block lettering for the title along with adding a flame image to the text front cover. I ended the project with adding a Parental Advisory warning to the corner along with placing the image onto a CD. This image is of myself, brother-in-law along with the rest of the groomsmen from the wedding.

Week 7: Blog & Graphic Design

This is my photo for my blog and Graphic Design project. I am an avid country music and a huge Carrie Underwood fan. For this image I edited myself into the photo using the clone tool to get rid of the white space. I also used several different text options for the magazine cover look. I used a country style font along with a color scheme that allowed the image to flow but also pop at the right times. The title has a shadow and color overlay. I also used tinted text boxes that allow the other phrases to be shown. 

Week 6: Blog and Artistic Photos

The above photographs were taken for our long exposure and editing section of the class. The first two pictures were taken using a long exposure app. The one on the top left was taken on a bright and sunny day while the one on the top right was taken at late at night. They were both edited using the filter feature in photoshop to get the different color affects.

The following two photos were edited using the sharpen tools in photoshop. The one on the left was edited using the smart sharpen tool to and then some modification was further done to make the background appear darker. The next picture was manually sharpened and used to enhance the vibrance and saturation of the colors as the eye moves from the back of the photo to the front.

The final picture was taken using the filter features in photoshop specifically the Fresco filter along with the black and white tools. The curves tool was also used to darken the bottom right area and to lighten the upper left area.

In all of these pictures I tried to get the different colors to be enhanced in different ways. I was also trying to achieve a different texture with each picture in order for the viewer to have a variety.

Week 5: Blog and Portraits

The above are the pictures I used for my portrait collection. The first two images are of my beautiful friends who were kind enough to let me take pictures of them. These pictures are very clean by using the curves, vibrance and saturation tools. I also used the brush tool for minor edits.

The following pictures is where I had some fun in editing. I was able to utilize the magnet lasso tool to cut out certain parts of the images and then bring in a background image. I used the clone tool several times with these in order for them to be more realistic. I had to for example add in a sunflower and I fixed the collar on the jersey in the final picture.

These images all capture the identity of the subjects photographed. The initial 2 pictures capture the beauty of my subjects and very little editing was done on the images. The latter three show a piece of their personality into the image that was used as the background. Anamaria enjoys watching sunsets on the beach, Chloe cherishes time outdoors and Sean is a fan of the Golden State Warriors.

Week 4: Blog & Photo Composition

The above images are 4 separate depictions of my personal identity. The first located in the upper left hand corner photographed in a closed perspective is an Ohio State coffee table. This image is edited with a change in the saturation, exposure along with using the curve feature in photoshop. My dad and I made this table over the summer and it is one of a kind. The table consists of 250 bottle caps along with several different momentos from my childhood. It is covered with 3 gallons of a hardener and resin which chemically combine for a clear “bar top” look. This table holds a lot of meaning for me and I hope to have it for the rest of my life.

The second image in the upper right hand corner is a duck call that is photographed in with the thirds perspective. This photo was edited with the exposure, brightness and contrast tools. I am an avid hunter and that is a large part of my identity. I enjoy spending time in the outdoors and this duck call symbolizes that passion. It reminds me of the early mornings and some of the unforgettable hunts I have been on in my life. I carry this call around with me to remember where I came from.

The third image in the bottom left is a squat/ bench rack that is photographed in with the symmetrical perspective. I edited the brightness and saturation in this photo to give it more of a dark and business like feeling. I have always been a very active person and that goes back to my childhood. I would always be playing a sport and that is where I found my passion. Now I am in college and my time is very limited. I find myself going to the gym every single day, this is both for stress relief and to feed the drive that is within. I identify with this rack because it is a place to simply put in the time and effort to see results.

Lastly, my final picture is of the walkway of the RPAC and this is photographed with the open perspective. The walkway leads your eyes to the red bridge and the buildings in the distance. I utilized the brightness, exposure and vibrance in this image to emphasize the many different vibrant colors. This image for my self shows a journey. This is not only a workout facility where I spend a lot of my time, but also my journey to come to Ohio State and the fact that I am a junior and I can start to see the “light” at the end of the tunnel.

Week 3: Blog and Photo Basics


The above photos are edited using exposure and temperature. In my personal opinion I think that a mixture of the normal and overexposed photo would result in the ideal result. I like seeing the detail and in the photo that is underexposed some of the detail is lost. In regards to temperature, I enjoy the normal photo rather then the warm or cool solely due to the fact that the altered photos give off an edited feel. The first image is of the oval on The Ohio State University campus and everyday thousands of students cross paths all moving in their own unique direction which is much like our lives. The second image is of the entrance to Ohio Stadium and this is where the Buckeyes play many of their different sports including lacrosse, soccer and football. Sports at this university is a cause that unites us all and is a defining factor of this great university.