Week 6: Blog and Artistic Photos

The above photographs were taken for our long exposure and editing section of the class. The first two pictures were taken using a long exposure app. The one on the top left was taken on a bright and sunny day while the one on the top right was taken at late at night. They were both edited using the filter feature in photoshop to get the different color affects.

The following two photos were edited using the sharpen tools in photoshop. The one on the left was edited using the smart sharpen tool to and then some modification was further done to make the background appear darker. The next picture was manually sharpened and used to enhance the vibrance and saturation of the colors as the eye moves from the back of the photo to the front.

The final picture was taken using the filter features in photoshop specifically the Fresco filter along with the black and white tools. The curves tool was also used to darken the bottom right area and to lighten the upper left area.

In all of these pictures I tried to get the different colors to be enhanced in different ways. I was also trying to achieve a different texture with each picture in order for the viewer to have a variety.

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