Andrew Bitter

Hello! Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Andrew Bitter and I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. I was born and raised in the small suburb of Loveland and I am the youngest of 3 with 2 older sisters, Samantha (27) and Sarah (24). My academic and athletic career began at St. Columban grade school to St. Xavier High School and now currently The Ohio State University. I am currently a Chemical Engineering Major pursuing a BS. My predicted graduation is May 2019.

In my free time I enjoy spending time in the outdoors whether it is hunting, fishing or hiking. I will take any opportunity to adventure outdoors. In the future I plan to travel around the country and hopefully the world to experience different cultures and to see the different landscapes. Looking ahead I am traveling and studying abroad in Costa Rica over the 2017 Spring Break.

Along with the outdoors, my friends are a huge part of my life. Whether it is living with 6 guys in an apartment or going to football games and other events, they will always be like family. We have all had our ups and downs but these are people I can count on for the rest of my life.

Resume: Bitter-Andrew