Welcome to Dr. Paula Sundstrom

We are very excited to formally welcome Dr. Paula Sundstrom to the lab as she conducts her research here in the Riffe building as an Adjunct Professor. Her insight and research experience has already started driving new projects and ideas. Welcome Paula!

“I seek to address basic questions about interactions between Candida albicans and human hosts that enable commensal and pathogenic states. The approaches include experimental evolution, genomics, bioinformatics and murine animal models to understand processes such as C. albicans’ gene expression in the host, diversity and host immune responses that contribute to both protection and damage.”

Paula Sundstrom

Candida albicans commensal and pathogenic states. Experimental evolution, genomics, bioinformatics and murine animal models.
Adjunct Professor
Pomona College, Claremont, CA (B.A.)
University of Washington, Seattle (Ph.D.)