A Start to a New Semester

While adapting to the new normal, we are very excited to share that Leah Anderson has been accepted into the University of Washington Genome Sciences program. We wish her best!

We welcome Anna Mackey into the lab as the new lab manager, working on identifying gut microbiome diversity, and Amber Anger from MCDB who will be rotating with a TLO based project.

Anna Mackey

Investigating gut microbiome diversity, specifically focusing on the eukaryome, along urbanization and industrialization gradients.
Lab Technician
The Ohio State University, BS Mathematical Biology

Amber Anger

Create KO strains for each of the TLO genes, examine the resulting mutant phenotypes, and use bioinformatics to characterize the TLO gene family.
Rotation Student
University of Michigan, B.S. in Molecular Biology & Central Michigan, M.Sc. in Biochemistry, Cell, & Molecular Biology