The Road to Graduation Through a Coursework Lens

I am on track to graduate in four years. That is the good news.

The bad news is that my schedule will likely be absolutely awful for at least three of my remaining five semesters.

But, that comes with the territory of Data Analytics. So, let’s move on. Next semester, I plan on taking Accounting for non-majors, a Santiago study abroad class, Foundations of computer software, macroeconomics, and maybe a class on sports analytics. Looking to the future, I have four more stats classes to take, six more computer science courses to take, and at least three more business courses to take. Other than that, I still must work to fulfill my literature GE and foreign language requirement.

As for GPA, I did not perform up to my standards last semester. Because of this, I must work extremely hard the rest of the way to ensure I end my college career with a stellar GPA.

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