About Me

As I’m sure it says somewhere on this site, my name is Yazan Anani. As of now, I’m double-majoring in political science in economics and hoping to minor in Spanish as well. As far as my career goes, I hope to be involved in global politics, either through the US state department, or as a representative to the UN. I’ve been participating in Model UN since sophomore year of high school, and plan to continue doing so in college.

Although my career aspirations revolve around global politics, my passion lies in music. I play piano, guitar, bass, oud and trumpet as well as write my own music. Although I don’t think I’ve written enough to really describe it in terms of genre, for now I’d call it jazz-influenced folk. Oftentimes I consider minoring in music, but honestly I prefer it as a hobby more so than a compulsory activity.

I also do my best to be politically involved; as of now I am an intern for Danny O’Connor and participating in meetings at OSU Democrats and Democratic Socialists of America (which pretty much explains my political views).

This photo was taken after coming home from my last high school model UN conference, hosted at OSU. Being awarded a gavel signifies achieving the title of “Best Delegate”.


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