Artifact II

Another meaningful experience in my weeks at OSU is my new membership in the club Big Data & Analytics. This club explores how technology is used in the collection of statistics and data. It emphasizes the importance of data in contemporary society and the process of collecting and processing it. This club has opened me to new experiences in STEM fields and also showed me how programming is used outside of the context of pure computer science.

BDAA has introduced me to new applications of programming and the importance of data worldwide. It has many useful events such as tech talks in where these applications are explored in detail and presented live. Being in this club has been an experience that find very useful regarding my future occupation because it has allowed me to explore new avenues in STEM fields, particularly the technology and computer science sector.

Year in Review

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G.O.A.L.S serves to present ways in which Honors and Scholars students may excel during their college lives through a variety of unique activities and learning experiences. Two facets of G.O.A.L.S that I have found very crucial to my success are Academic Enrichment and Leadership Development. I believe Academic Enrichment is important because of the overall significance of college coursework, while Leadership Development is vital because of its implications in a future workplace.

Academic Enrichment is at the forefront of the college experience because of the coursework in the classroom and the educational experiences I can attain from out of the classroom. An academic club that I have been interested in is Big Data Analytics Association. This has proved to be useful to me because I am learning about the applications of computer science to the topic of data analysis and representation. This effectively relates back to my major, which is computer science, and helps me learn of how it can be used in different contexts. This extracurricular experience has led to my pursuit towards academic excellence and has furthered my involvement in that it is a comprehensive look into the data analytics field. It also assists me in determining what I would like to do in the future after I obtain a degree in computer science, giving me an incentive to look into the field of data analytics.

Original Inquiry is another essential facet that can enable me to find success in my later college years and career. The interview project in my STEM Scholars was an experience which allowed me to have a head-start in understanding how undergraduate research works. It additionally led to me acquiring knowledge on how to contact professors regarding research positions. In order for me to find valuable opportunities as a computer science major, I must also be involved in internships and the STEM Scholars course helped me find internships that I was interested in and could possibly join over the summer. These in-class endeavors have allowed me to understand the significance of internships and research in regards to resume content and were educational for me in realizing how this could affect the quality of the occupation I get after my college years.




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Artifact I

One experience I had that was meaningful for the weeks to come in college was the ice cream social. This social on my first night on campus proved to be a significant experience because I met many other STEM Scholars and have connections with some that allowed me to get insight into what to get involved in and how to have better work habits. This helped me learn about clubs such as Big Data Analytics and the Society of Asian Scientists of Engineers that I would soon join. It also helped me make friends that I might not have had and that would have possibly left me in a different situation.

Having this one seemingly small-scale event allowed me to gain connections and get involved in campus, and I am more than grateful for it. I hope to find more connections so I can continue to be involved and also have fun while I am here at the Ohio State University. Being involved in these clubs has made me realize that courses are only one part of the academic experience in college, and there is a vast amount of opportunities available for incoming freshman at the university. There are clubs and activities related to every field of interest, and this can be very beneficial to those trying to find a major they really like. I also am looking forward to joining a club specific to my major as this will help me in the long run when looking for an internship or even an occupation.







About Me



My name is Anish Anand and I am majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering here at The Ohio State University.I am from Naperville, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, and  I came to this institution to further my understanding within the field of engineering and specifically in one of the five tracks of my major. I love to learn about how the world works and how engineers solve problems in a practical fashion. I was the president of my high school’s SkillsUSA chapter and we prepared for competitions related to our occupational interests in this club. I was also a member of my school’s Science Olympiad team and won 2 medals in our regional competitions. I love volunteering and have done so at my local food pantry and have had a retail job. I hope to be able to apply the skills that I acquire at this university to get an occupation related to industrial engineering since there will always be a demand for these workers as technology becomes more advanced and data continues to be stored worldwide.