My First Semester at OSU

My first semester at OSU was good overall. The transition at first took some time, especially with finding balance, but now I feel as if I am well-adjusted to the rhythm of things. I’m lucky to have met so many incredible people during the first semester and to have reconnected with old friends. Campus feels a lot smaller now, and I feel very comfortable navigating my way around campus. I’ve found a lot of cool study spots already, but I am always eager to find more! I love the greater sense of independence and control I have over my time that college offers in comparison to high school.

I really appreciate how there’s so much to do on campus. There’s always a chance to try something new, and perhaps discover something about yourself in the process. Even in the last few months, I feel as if I’ve grown a lot as a person, and have learned more about myself, my beliefs, interests, and my identity. However, this is a continuous process, so I am very excited for all of the growth that will take place.

Although I did experience some disappointments during my first semester, I am looking forward and am excited to start stronger moving into the second semester. I found a lot of extracurriculars and communities that I would like to get more involved with next semester. I also plan to get more involved with all of the different opportunities and events the Humanities Scholars offers, as I feel as if I haven’t been the most involved this semester. Additionally, I would love to explore Columbus more! I haven’t had that many opportunities to explore the city, but it’s something that I am interested in doing.

I am thankful for all of the experiences, memories, and friendships that took place over these past three months. I’m especially thankful for all of the hardships I faced, for those moments helped me build perseverance and faith. I remember questioning whether or not OSU was the right place for me before starting college, but now I can confidently say that it is.

Humanities This Week

The fact that the population here at Ohio State University is so diverse makes it so incredibly easy to see the richness and vastness of the humanities. My close friend group consists of individuals from different backgrounds: Thailand, China, Korea, Mexico, India, and many more. With these different backgrounds, I have been exposed to the differences in language, food, music, and even mannerisms. This week, in particular, I went to my friend’s apartment and we got to eat dim sum together, and then at church, we ate traditional Spanish cuisine. Even at the dining halls, they acknowledge the broad range of cultures and its foods as they offer selections from Indian curry and chole to traditional American cheeseburgers. Even when eating, it was interesting to see the differences in the way people eat, either using chopsticks, a fork and knife, or just using our hands. Even though we are all sitting at the same table and eating the same foods, the way we eat such foods is different. Our backgrounds and the way we were raised all factor into even the smallest of our actions and habits. A lot of my friends also speak Korean like I do and so it’s nice being able to refer to something in Korean and everyone being able to understand and relate. Similarly, music also makes up a large part of the humanities, and this week I’ve listened to a broad selection from jazz tunes to Japenese pop music to classic rock. The humanities touch all facets of our lives and allow people to come together.

Humans of OSU

I chose to interview my friend Raymond for the Humans of OSU project.

Overall, this was a very pleasant experience. It was a good reminder that there is always so much we can learn about others if we take the time to listen. It’s easy to forget how complex one’s life is, and realize the struggles that people have gone through, and are currently experiencing now. I was definitely taken aback after listening to some of the hardships that Raymond experienced, but by listening I now have a deeper appreciation for him and I am grateful that I had this opportunity to fully listen and ask questions that can be hard to answer. It’s easy to put forward the best parts of ourselves, but it’s a lot harder to let down our walls and share the intimate parts of who we are with others. That’s why I am especially appreciative of this project for its ability to highlight the tones of our life that many people aren’t so willing to express. You can read Raymond’s story by clicking the link below:

HUM Humans of OSU- Raymond-whhrwo

My First Week at OSU

My first week at OSU went very smoothly. I got to move in early as part of the OWL program, which was definitely helpful in terms of settling in and having extra time to explore campus and making new friends. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that most of the classes this week were spent going over the syllabus and how the classes worked. I was nervous that they would automatically jump to lectures, so it was relieving to have some time to figure everything out before we moved on to the actual course lectures. In terms of finding classes, I haven’t gotten lost yet which is a good start! After walking around campus all week, the campus is starting to feel a lot smaller and easier to navigate. I did get lost on the COTA bus however, so that’s something I still need to figure out. I checked out a lot of clubs on campus this week, and it was so much fun getting to meet so many new people. A lot of upperclassmen have reached out to me, and I’ve gotten to get lunch or dinner with so many new people and learn about their experiences on campus and stories in life. In terms of my expectations for the Humanities Scholars, so far it seems to align with my interests, and I’m glad that I get to be a part of it. All of the activities seem enjoyable and I’m looking forward to all of the upcoming events. Being in a very STEM-heavy class load, it’s nice to balance it out with the arts and to learn more about different cultures. I expect my time at OSU to be one of self-growth and exploration. I can’t wait to explore the campus and the city and to create new memories and new friendships. I know that my classes are going to be hard and will require a lot of time and effort, but I am ready for that challenge. Even in just a period of one week, I feel as if I’ve grown a lot already. I am learning more about myself every day, which is why I’m excited for what lays ahead in my time at OSU.

Taken at a smores bonfire hosted by a church group on campus!


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