My First Semester at OSU

My first semester at OSU was good overall. The transition at first took some time, especially with finding balance, but now I feel as if I am well-adjusted to the rhythm of things. I’m lucky to have met so many incredible people during the first semester and to have reconnected with old friends. Campus feels a lot smaller now, and I feel very comfortable navigating my way around campus. I’ve found a lot of cool study spots already, but I am always eager to find more! I love the greater sense of independence and control I have over my time that college offers in comparison to high school.

I really appreciate how there’s so much to do on campus. There’s always a chance to try something new, and perhaps discover something about yourself in the process. Even in the last few months, I feel as if I’ve grown a lot as a person, and have learned more about myself, my beliefs, interests, and my identity. However, this is a continuous process, so I am very excited for all of the growth that will take place.

Although I did experience some disappointments during my first semester, I am looking forward and am excited to start stronger moving into the second semester. I found a lot of extracurriculars and communities that I would like to get more involved with next semester. I also plan to get more involved with all of the different opportunities and events the Humanities Scholars offers, as I feel as if I haven’t been the most involved this semester. Additionally, I would love to explore Columbus more! I haven’t had that many opportunities to explore the city, but it’s something that I am interested in doing.

I am thankful for all of the experiences, memories, and friendships that took place over these past three months. I’m especially thankful for all of the hardships I faced, for those moments helped me build perseverance and faith. I remember questioning whether or not OSU was the right place for me before starting college, but now I can confidently say that it is.

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