Humanities This Week

The fact that the population here at Ohio State University is so diverse makes it so incredibly easy to see the richness and vastness of the humanities. My close friend group consists of individuals from different backgrounds: Thailand, China, Korea, Mexico, India, and many more. With these different backgrounds, I have been exposed to the differences in language, food, music, and even mannerisms. This week, in particular, I went to my friend’s apartment and we got to eat dim sum together, and then at church, we ate traditional Spanish cuisine. Even at the dining halls, they acknowledge the broad range of cultures and its foods as they offer selections from Indian curry and chole to traditional American cheeseburgers. Even when eating, it was interesting to see the differences in the way people eat, either using chopsticks, a fork and knife, or just using our hands. Even though we are all sitting at the same table and eating the same foods, the way we eat such foods is different. Our backgrounds and the way we were raised all factor into even the smallest of our actions and habits. A lot of my friends also speak Korean like I do and so it’s nice being able to refer to something in Korean and everyone being able to understand and relate. Similarly, music also makes up a large part of the humanities, and this week I’ve listened to a broad selection from jazz tunes to Japenese pop music to classic rock. The humanities touch all facets of our lives and allow people to come together.

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