Humans of OSU

I chose to interview my friend Raymond for the Humans of OSU project.

Overall, this was a very pleasant experience. It was a good reminder that there is always so much we can learn about others if we take the time to listen. It’s easy to forget how complex one’s life is, and realize the struggles that people have gone through, and are currently experiencing now. I was definitely taken aback after listening to some of the hardships that Raymond experienced, but by listening I now have a deeper appreciation for him and I am grateful that I had this opportunity to fully listen and ask questions that can be hard to answer. It’s easy to put forward the best parts of ourselves, but it’s a lot harder to let down our walls and share the intimate parts of who we are with others. That’s why I am especially appreciative of this project for its ability to highlight the tones of our life that many people aren’t so willing to express. You can read Raymond’s story by clicking the link below:

HUM Humans of OSU- Raymond-whhrwo

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