Assignment: Resource Guidebook

Module 1

Name of resource: Video in the lesson slides: The online approach

Link to resource:

Category of resource: video

I want to remember this video because in this video, instructors give us a brief overview of some the key strategies successful online students use. I also helps me search for materials in future modules that concern to certain strategies mentioned in this video.


Module 2

Name of the resource: 5 tips for dealing with lazy group members.

Link to resource :

Category of resource: Video

I want to remember this video because, dealing with incompetent groupmates is something I really struggle with. I will have a lot of classes next semester that involve working in groups and I want come back to this video and use the tips described in this video.


Module 3

Name of the resource: 5 Research-Based Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination.

Link to the resource:

Category of resource: Article

I want to remember this article because I lose motivation very easily and fall behind on my work. This article provides research based strategies to overcome such slumps. It reminds me that procrastination is irrational.


Module 4

Name of the resource: Information processing model.

Link to the resource:

Category of resource: Video

I want to remember this video because It explains the fundamentals of memory and different types of memories. I tend to read study material only once, which impeded my retention. This video reminds me this memorization involves a repeated cycle of retrieval and encoding.

Module 5

Name of the resource: Taking notes in class.

Link to the resource:

Category of the resource: Video

I want to remember this video because I struggle to take quality notes in my lectures. This video describes the Cornell method of note taking, which I want to employ in my future note taking.


Module 6

Name of the resource: Search Vs Research

Link ti the resource:

Category of the resource:  Article

I want to remember this video because. I struggle to find reliable resources when I am writing papers. This article gives detailed instructions on how to find better resources.

Module 3 Assignment: Efficiency in the Digital Age Blog Post

The most important thing I learned in this Module is understanding and avoiding procrastination. Especially the article 5 research-based strategies to overcome procrastination provided me a much needed insight on what makes me procrastinate and what I could do to overcome it. I have learned that procrastination happens because our mind plays tricks with us by telling us that starting work would be a painful and a boring task. However, as the article explains this is an extremely irrational thought and work is not painful and boring after all.

From the module I have already put ‘avoiding digital distractions’ into practice. I feel like one I get over the initial mental block of procrastination, I can work very efficiently without distractions. I usually have very timed study sessions and break sessions when I am in the library. I keep my phone at home so do not use the phone even during my study breaks. This help me keep up my efficiency and work without getting drained.

I will incorporate ‘getting started with something’ in my future work. I feel, school work is a lot more interesting than I initially believe it to be. Once I get started I enjoy working on assignment s and I do feel the urge to do something else.

My advice to my fellow students is to understand that schoolwork is not just toil but also a reservoir with a lot of knowledge. If we see school work as toil, it becomes very hard to start working on it without getting distracted. Once we start to have fun with our work we will, without a doubt, be able to work for longer hours and turn in more quality work. We must work on finding interest in our school work.

Moodule 2 communicating and collaborating blog post

The most useful thing I learned in this weeks module is the video and the slide on ‘Dealing with group members. I have already put ‘taking initiative into practice. If I feel worried that my group members are not working as hard and not taking responsibility I am usually the person who makes sure work gets done. I feel it is sometimes hard to find a group member that likes to take the lead and make sure that projects get done before deadlines. Coming forward and taking responsibility may be a daunting task to many. I feel it is very important a group to a person who collaborates and facilitates communication and work distribution between their group members. I have taken a few classes in my freshman and sophomore year at Ohio state that required me to collaborate with my peers throughout the semester. The first class I took was Engg 1181. For this group I noticed that a few of our assignments were unorganized and incoherent in places. This was because we did not divide the work evenly among each other. Also some of the work done by one of our group members did not meet the required standards. Our group ended up getting bad grades on a few assignments. The next class I took that required group work was Engg 1182. In this class I decided to take initiative to make sure our group did not make the same mistakes again.
Another thing I learned from the video is that I need to inform my professors about lazy and incompetent group-mates
My advice to college students would be to be bold while taking up leadership roles. School work holds should be your top priority while in college. And the pain and responsibility that comes from leading a group is helps you build many priceless skills.