My Knee Reconstruction Story

At 8:47 am on May 24th, 2020 after a couple hours of wake surfing and wake boarding, I did a little hop across the wake, came up short and landed with all my weight on my back foot.  This caused me to roll backwards into what looked like a silly fall.  The reality was that in a fraction of a second, my weight dropped but my front ankle couldn’t rotate because it was strapped into the boot nice and tight.   Instead, I sprained my MCL, tore my meniscus, completely ruptured my ACL and broke my tibial plateau.  I was really concerned about maximizing my recovery and getting back to being active, so I documented every step of the process in order to analyze my progress and improvement. The entire experience from injury through to recovery was not what I expected.  Since I had the data, I wanted to use this site as a way to capture everything for posterity and hopefully help someone else understand what to expect.  Just keep in mind that this is my story, everyone’s body is different and everyone’s story will be different.

The following links help tell my story;
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