Resource Spotlight – Getting Hired in Healthcare for Veterans

As a veteran who has fearlessly and faithfully served our country, you may be wondering what a post-military career looks like for you.  If you are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare, we invite you to explore a new resource from EduMed.

Healthcare Careers for Student Veterans: An Online Guide (  is an step-by-step guide to launching a civilian career in the healthcare industry for veterans.  This in-depth guide offers advice on military-friendly degree programs, interview advice, skills assessments, and more.  Visit EduMed at the link above to take advantage of this excellent resource, and visit our veterans resources tab for more tools to support you in your post-military career development journey!


EduMed Guide:  Healthcare Careers for Student Veterans: An Online Guide (

Veteran’s Resources:  For Veterans | Welcome to Career Corner! (

From the Director’s Desk – Don’t Forget Your Job Search Etiquette!

In the age of texting and in shorthand and immediacy on social media, don’t forget the basic manners that your parents taught you…and your career coach! A positive and grateful attitude will get you far in job search and may even land you the position.

Always say, “thank you”.

A must in your interview follow up is to send a thank you to your interviewers. But prior to that step, it is important to express thanks along the job search process. Networking is a critical step and skill in your job search strategy. Think of all the people who have given you advice and recommended others that can add to your network. Hiring managers are the ultimate contacts, but don’t forget the people along the way who connected you to that hiring manager or opportunity. This could be family, friends, acquaintances, faculty, advisors, and colleagues. A simple “thank you” can go a long way. Always respond with a note to someone who has sent you advice. And if you miss that step, then you may not receive help in the future.

Remember, you are building your personal board of directors for your entire career journey. So, keep your network in the loop along the way, to include when you land a position. Express gratitude for contributing to your success.

In a fast-paced era of communication, don’t drop the ball. Networking is a give and take exchange. Keep your network alive. Your life will be richer for it!


The Other Side of Fear: Pivoting to Your New Role

Written by alumna Marissa Lee

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic tens of millions of people have requested unemployment benefits. According to David G. Blanchflower, a professor of economics at Dartmouth College, we might see an unemployment rate of 20%. That’s significant and rivals the unemployment levels attained during the Great Depression. With these numbers, it’s not a surprise that people are taking a “wait and see” approach to pivoting to a new opportunity. However, pandemic aside, LinkedIn Learning research shows that 47% of all professionals ages 35 – 44 say they aren’t sure what their career path should look like, even after spending more than a decade in the workforce. To take this a little deeper, research shows the average American has been in the same job for 9.88 years, rising to a substantial 13.91 years for professionals over 55 years of age. This can lead one to draw the conclusion that whether we are in crisis or in a season of certainty, people are averse and belated in moving to their next opportunity. One of the biggest factors holding people back is fear.

Fear is the feeling manifested because of the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or be a threat or detriment to your progress. Fear is an enemy of success. It causes you to second guess yourself. It makes you think of everything that could go wrong. It shows up in the form of an excuse. Fear has caused people to hide themselves since the foundation of the earth and continues to keep people from fully realizing their potential. When it comes a career pivot, fear usually reveals itself in four major ways:

  1. Fear of Failure
  2. Fear of Rejection
  3. Fear of the Ambiguity
  4. Fear of Falling Short

Fear of Failure is the fear of doing something and later finding out it doesn’t work. It’s not a good feeling so in an effort to avoid failure, people decide not try at all. They choose to play it safe and stay with what they know. It keeps the person stuck in that moment, space, or role and makes it difficult to move forward.

There are benefits in failing and they can actually help you conquer your fear of failing. Past failures hold the key to all the ways you shouldn’t be doing something. Ask yourself what are the biggest lessons learned and how you can use your learnings in the future. Another thing that can help you overcome your failures is showing yourself some grace and giving yourself space to fail. I’m not saying to go in with a mindset to fail. I’m saying to leave it all out on the proverbial floor and be kind to yourself if you come up short. This will help you get more comfortable with putting yourself out there.

Fear of Rejection is the fear of doing something and others discard it or cast away. Whether it’s a romantic or work relationship, it doesn’t feel good to be or be perceived as “unwanted.” A great example of this is applying for a job and receiving that “we regret to inform you email” or worse the company just “ghosts” you and you don’t hear anything. Often times people internalize this rejection to mean they aren’t good enough or they are lesser than and that hurts. Depending on the individual, rejection is processed differently and on a deeper level especially if encountered numerous times in the past.

If rejection is stopping you, you have to find a way to overcome it. First it’s important to understand what aspect of rejection is holding you back from pivoting to your next role. Are you worried about being told no or is it something deeper? You have to figure that out and further address those concerns. In addition to that, I would say keep things in perspective. Remember a “no” doesn’t necessarily mean a “never”. It mean a better “yes” is on the way. I’m a witness to this. Hindsight is 20/20 so I’d encourage you to reflect on the times you’ve been told “no” and write down the “yes” that followed or the things the “no” kept you from. I’m sure you will look at your situation differently.

Fear of the Ambiguity is the fear of the unknown. You may fret because you just don’t know how things will turn out. Most people who are scared of ambiguity worry if they take the leap and it doesn’t work out then they will have sacrificed their security. A sense of security is valuable especially at times like this so if people can’t identify a sure opportunity they usually decide to stay put. I’m going to let you in on a little secret…no role is 100% secure whether old or new. You can still be in a vulnerable position if you fail to position yourself appropriately and show your value. I’ve seen where people stay in a role for years and get labeled a talent “blocker” because they haven’t managed to demonstrate valuable contributions and they are preventing someone else from transitioning into that role who can make an impact. I say all this to say, the known can be just as much as an enemy as the unknown.

If you struggle with this fear really make an effort to embrace change. We all know what they say, “the only thing constant in our lives is change” and that’s true. When we started of 2020, no one was planning for a pandemic. It didn’t even cross our minds but it came and we had to adapt. Lean into change and exercise your resilience muscle to help you conquer this fear.

Fear of Falling Short is the fear of not believing in yourself and what you bring to the table. It’s a confidence thing. It’s the self-sabotaging and deprecating mindset that you don’t have what it takes especially when it comes to transitioning to a new role. It’s the constant questioning of your skills and abilities and not in a productive way. It’s believing that regardless of your accomplishments you are a fraud. Those feelings are known as imposter syndrome and according to research 70% of people experience these feelings so you are not alone. Even I have questioned my capabilities and competencies to be effective in one of the roles I had so I know what it feels like. I also know that it’s toxic and can stifle your career and wreck your career experience if you let it, so don’t let it.

If you struggle with the fear of not measuring up to the standard needed for a new role, remind yourself of your worth. Sit down and write out your accomplishments then celebrate yourself. Give yourself permission to be great! Come up with a mantra that encourages you. Hype yourself up! Do what you need to do to get yourself in the right frame of mind so you can articulate and position yourself for the role you want to pursue.

A couple of the things I cover in the SOW EVOLVE Bootcamp are mindset and toxic behaviors. Sometimes we have to unlearn and deprogram ourselves to preconceive notions and archaic beliefs to ensure we can position ourselves for success. Fear is one of the feelings you have to learn how to detach from if you want to take the leap and pivot to your next role. Once you deal with fear and other limiting factors you will have more clarity around if and when you should pivot. In my new eBook Pivotal Moves-Shifting to Your Next, I discuss some things you should consider while thinking about a pivot and even included a short assessment to help you go deeper in your evaluation. Once you determine if you want to pivot you have to understand what you want to pivot to, what transferable skills you current possess, understand how you need to reposition your personal brand and then actually pivot.

Final Thought

Your next role is waiting for you but it may be on the other side of fear. Overcome fear and you will have conquered half of the battle to making your next move. Don’t extend your stay in role because of fear. Don’t allow fear to make you forfeit your next opportunity.


Marissa Lee is a global HR leader, career strategist, and author with a unique approach to helping us rethink the relationship between employer and employee. For the past 10 years, she has combined her passion for people and processes to provide strategic business solutions for Fortune 500 companies in the fashion and chemical industries. Marissa is the founder of SOW EVOLVE, a career and business consulting firm which helps organizations and individuals address contemporary culture and career ownership issues.  If you would like to connect with Marissa, you may do so via LinkedIn or email at

Job Club FAQ – What You Need to Know About Our New Series

We in the Office of Alumni Career Management are so excited about the launch of our new series, the Alumni Career Management Job Club!  We know that the last year has been challenging for many, and in the constantly changing environment of the post-COVID world has many considering a career transition.  With that in mind, our office endeavors to assist job seekers through this transition.

Structured as a four-part series, the Job Club is an immersive and interactive career readiness program designed to give you the latest industry information and proven methodologies for landing your next role.  We will hold one session per month, with short presentations on a timely topic followed by Q&A and an interactive networking session. We will provide a certificate of participation for each session attendee, and those who attend all four sessions will receive a small gift from our office as a token of our congratulations.

Below are answers to your frequently asked questions:

1. – If I miss a session, will I be able to make it up?

Yes!  This is a series that we plan on making an ongoing effort.  We will be offering the four sessions this spring, and taking a break in July before starting again in the fall.  We will cover the same basic topics in each series, with some modifications based on industry trends at the time.

So, if you miss out on a session this time, don’t worry!  We will be offering it again in the fall!

2. –  Will we be doing anything outside of the monthly sessions?

Yes!  Although the sessions are monthly, our office will work to continue the conversation over the weeks between each meeting by engaging in discussion on AlumniFire.  AlumniFire is Ohio State’s exclusive professional networking platform – it is free to join and open to any member of the Ohio State community.  If you don’t already have an account, we encourage you to set one up here. If you are an alumni, staff, or student of Ohio State, please enter with that status. If you do not fall into those categories, please check Job Club member.

3. – Should I prepare anything for the networking session?

The networking sessions are designed to be a casual exercise in getting to know others in a virtual setting.  There will be facilitators in each breakout room assigned to help guide the discussion along, but the goal is for you all to get comfortable in conversation with strangers in a professional setting.

While you don’t have to prepare anything formal for this portion of the presentation, it might be helpful to practice how you would like to introduce yourself to others ahead of time.  Things to consider are:

  • Name
  • Educational and professional background
  • Industry or companies you are interested in

You might also want to have a notebook handy so that you can write down the names of people in your group that you want to connect with individually on either AlumniFire or LinkedIn.  This is a great way to open a conversation into a new connection that could very well turn into your next big opportunity!

4. – What are other ways that I can connect with the Office of Alumni Career Management for additional assistance?

Alumni Career Management has several resources available for you to utilize in addition to our Job Club.  The webinar archive holds dozens of presentations on various job search and professional development topics to support your career growth.  Career Corner, our official departmental blog has weekly updates with various timely topics, including alumni spotlights, a weekly hot jobs listing, podcast episodes, and more.

Finally, though we no longer offer individual coaching, we do have a dedicated email address where you can submit your questions.  We send weekly responses for alumni seeking guidance on a variety of job search topics. To submit an individual question to the Alumni Career Management team, email us at

Introducing the Alumni Career Management Job Club!

Many in our alumni and friends community are currently in career transition, or are considering making a change in their career in the near future.  With that in mind, the Bill and Susan Lhota Office of Alumni Career Management is excited to announce our newest project for supporting you through your career development – the launch of the Alumni Career Management Job Club!

Structured as a four-part series, the Job Club is an immersive and interactive career readiness program designed to give you the latest information and proven methodologies for landing your next role.  Each monthly session will include a short presentation on a pre-determined topic, along with Q&A/discussion time, and a guided networking exercise. Those who attend each session will receive a certificate of participation from our office, and those participating in all four sessions will also receive a small gift as congratulations.

Although the sessions are monthly, our office will work to continue the conversation over the weeks in between each meeting through engaging discussion on AlumniFire, our Ohio State exclusive professional networking platform.  AlumniFire is free to join, and open to any member of the Ohio State community.  If you have not already made an account, we encourage you to do so here.

Dates and times for the spring Job Club series are as follows:

March 9, 2021 – 12 noon ET – Resume “Must Haves” in Today’s Job Market

April 13, 2021 – 12 noon ET – Networking in the New Normal:  Link In or be Left Out

May 11, 2021 – 12 noon ET – Interview to Win the Offer

June 8, 2021 – 12 noon ET – Salary Negotiation:  Don’t Leave Money on the Table 

Register for the Job Club meetings here, and stay tuned for more information about this exciting project. We are looking forward to connecting with you!

Looking Back and Moving Forward – How Alumni Career Management Supports You from 2020 and Beyond

Wow… 2020 was really something, right?

The Ohio State University Alumni Association launched the Bill and Susan Lhota Office of Alumni Career Management in 2012, largely in response to a significant movement among alumni requesting career guidance following the “Great Recession” of the late 2000s.  For the last nine years, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to supporting Ohio State alumni in their lifelong career management.  We strive to provide assistance in career development and transitions through a robust variety of resources, keeping our clients abreast of current trends and dynamics within the industry.  Through a combination of relevant programming, original content, and other offerings, we have remained true to our goal of inspiring, motivating, and encouraging alumni in their journey toward finding satisfying and successful careers, all within a professional environment fostering a community of Buckeyes helping Buckeyes.

The goal of the Office of Alumni Career Management has always been to ensure accessibility to resources for every member of our 550,000+ strong global community of Buckeye alumni.  We are proud to have been pioneers in providing virtual career resources among alumni offices in higher education for several years.  When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the university, and the world at large, in early 2020, we were well poised to pivot to all virtual offerings, ensuring that we could meet the needs of alumni that we knew would need us now more than ever.

Although this is a scenario that no one imagined or could have been prepared for, the Office of Alumni Career Management staff was able to quickly assess and address the challenges stemming from our “new normal”.   The most urgent issue was the need to create programming and materials to guide alumni in navigating this new career landscape.

Looking Back – How We Adjusted to a COVID-19 World in 2020

In March of 2020, we began offering webinars tailored to topics immediately relevant to the COVID-19 crisis.  Our presentations, “Laid Off – Now What?” and “Career Pivots for Experienced Job Seekers” had more than 250 combined registrants – many of whom were first time attendees for an event hosted by our office.  Our presentation, “How to Optimize Your Job Search During COVID-19” featured alumna Marissa Lee, who provided invaluable insight as a human resources professional and career coach. We supplemented this with podcasts relating to topics including, “Managing Stress when Working from Home”, “Maintaining Connections Across the Digital Distance”, and “Work/Life Balance for Working Parents”.

In addition to reframing our existing webinar curriculum to reflect the new circumstances we found ourselves under in 2020, the Career Management team also launched a new initiative to assist the influx of new job seekers with their many questions surrounding the search.  Job Search Q&A sessions were held monthly beginning in May of last year, with a total of 724 alumni and friends registering for these events throughout the year, an average of 80 participants at each of these roundtables.   We also piloted a biweekly group coaching program for six months last year as we worked to phase out one on one coaching and were able to support a number of alumni in crafting an effective elevator pitch, learning to network in a virtual medium, and job searching in the hidden market.

All told, in 2020 the Office of Alumni Career Management website had a total of 435,600 individual visits to our departmental website, which includes invaluable resources for alumni and friends such as resume and cover letter templates, our webinar archive, job search tools, and our alumni-specific job board, Alumni Career Connection.

Our departmental blog, Coach’s Corner, also received significant attention in the last year, with more than 13,000 individual users visiting the site during the year from all over the world, including 14 countries other than the United States.

Moving Forward – What We Are Looking Forward to in the New Year

It is safe to say that the Office of Alumni Career Management was successful in pivoting our offerings to meet the quickly changing needs of the Ohio State alumni community over the last year, and we look forward to continuing to elevate our offerings as we move into 2021.  In February, we will launch Career Corner, a monthly newsletter curated to include relevant career content, advice, and events for alumni interested in job search or professional development topics.

In March, we are excited to announce that our office will launch a monthly Job Club series.  Inspired by our group coaching pilot last fall, the Job Club will be a monthly meeting that combines guidance on a specific job search topic and a guided networking experience for participating alumni. We look forward to engaging with you in a fun and interactive way that provides meaningful assistance to those alumni who need it most.

Other projects on the horizon for the Career Management team include the launch of three self-paced mini-courses on leadership and professional development, for which we will be offering a Certificate of Completion for alumni who participate in those modules, collaborative partnerships with our colleagues in the alumni association, around campus, and around our community to further the reach of our services and advice, innovative volunteer opportunities for alumni who would like to give back to the university, and engagement with companies seeking to connect with our alumni and our university.

Where We Need You

For alumni who have not yet taken advantage of the many resources offered through the Office of Alumni Career Management, we extend an invitation for you to do so now – there is so much that we have available, and it is our sincere hope that you will utilize these resources as you continue in your own career development journey.

We’d also like to lean on alumni in the coming year, asking you to weigh in with your own expertise as our subject matter experts in your individual fields.  We would love to see you engage with us on social media – particularly in our LinkedIn group or on AlumniFire – where your commentary can be seen by thousands of your fellow alumni, as well as current students.   If you would like information on how you can get involved with our office, and ways that you can contribute, feel free to contact us directly at

Buckeye to Buckeye – Top Free Career Resources to Help You Get Started

Below are just a few of the great offerings available to you through the OSUAA Office of Alumni Career Management. Your fellow Buckeyes have been utilizing these continuously in their own career search, and we invite you to take advantage of them as well.

  1. AlumniFire

AlumniFire is Ohio State’s premier professional networking tool that allows you to connect directly with other alumni and students, as well as employers seeking to fill positions with Buckeyes like you!  Here you can find people volunteering to give general career advice, resume reviews, relocation assistance, and other fun topics – you can also raise your hand to help another Buckeye in need as well!

  1. Alumni Career Connection

Alumni Career Connection is our Buckeye alumni exclusive job board.  With more than 20 new jobs posted every week from all around the country, you’re sure to find a position that fits what you’re looking for in terms of a next career move.

  1. HireOhio Virtual Alumni Career Fair

Ohio State’s biggest alumni career fair will be going virtual once again this year! Join us in June and November as we provide opportunities to get in front of employers looking to hire someone like you.  Upcoming career fairs are posted regularly on our departmental webpage in the “Upcoming Events” section.

  1. Goin’ Global

COVID got you thinking of taking a wander year somewhere outside of the United States?  As an alumnus of the university, you have free access to Goin’ Global, a database that contains country-specific career and employment resources for more than 90 locations worldwide.  Create a free account to access this resource and find your next great adventure abroad.