New Year, New Outlook – From the Director’s Desk

Happy New Year!

Hopefully you are returning from the holidays with renewed energy and a sense of hope. There are still challenges ahead, but on the healthcare front, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

January is typically a time to make resolutions. You may have goals to include securing a new job. While the impact of the pandemic on the economy is not over, hiring has not halted. If your industry is suffering, consider expanding your search to related or new industries. Your transferrable skills may apply to a completely new product or service. Transferrable skills are those that may be used in a variety of roles or occupations.  Critical thinking remains the number one transferrable skill that employers are looking for along with written and verbal communication, project management, problem-solving, leadership, teamwork, and analytical skills to name a few. This article from the Muse shows us which companies are still hiring during COVID-19.

I encourage you to look at the resources that we provide on our website as you begin your search. Every day, we see jobs posted on our alumni job board called Alumni Career Connection and our Ohio State networking platform called Alumnifire. We have wonderful resources on our website to include domestic and international job postings on Going Global and Versatile PhD. We have recorded many topics in webinar format for your on demand viewing. Topics that may specifically help you at this time are on resume writing, networking, interviewing, and career pivoting. If its further education that is on your mind this year, our webinar on a winning graduate school application will help.

Our world may seem to be at a halt right now, but your career journey does not need to stop. There is plenty to do to move your goals along, even in the new normal of remote work. Good luck!


Marilyn Bury Rice, Director

Marilyn has 30 years of experience in the career management field within higher education, non-profit, and corporate settings. She has advised students and alumni at Purdue University, Hanover College, the University of Notre Dame, Ohio Wesleyan, and The Ohio State University. She had the privilege of assisting women in becoming financially self-sufficient as a career consultant for Center for New Directions (a United Way Agency). And Marilyn spent 15 years working with experienced professionals in career transition at Right Management, a global talent and career management firm.

Marilyn holds a BS in communication and psychology and an MS in counseling and higher education administration from Purdue University. She values assisting alumni
in their ongoing career development and connecting with fellow Buckeyes around the globe

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