Best Practices for Virtual Interviewing

In our rapidly-changing world, it is easy to become overwhelmed – especially in the wide world of business and job searching. Many of you may have found yourself unexpectedly unemployed over the last several weeks, or you may be seeing the job search strategy you’ve meticulously crafted over months completely upended by the recent changes in the economic market. You may even be a manager in charge of filling specific roles and needing to add in the additional (and unanticipated) hurdle of technology when sourcing and vetting candidates.

Technology, though, does not have to be a dividing tool. In fact, technology is what will likely keep us together and productive in these unprecedented times. COVID-19 has drastically changed the landscape of the way we connect and work for the foreseeable future – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to stop us from successfully connecting. It only means that we need to adjust our expectations and be more intentional with our verbal communication while doing so.

Below is an excerpt from an article written by alumnus Jim Bollenbacher. Jim is the VP and Managing Partner at Bridgeway Search Group, a premier recruiting and staffing firm. Here he shares some excellent tips on how to make certain that your virtual interviews are successful.

Best Practices for Video Conferencing Interviews

  1. Be sure both parties have tested the technology at least two days before the interview.
  2. Internet connection, audio, and video.
  3. Pick a location with minimal distractions in the background.
  4. Send specific instructions on logging in, finding user names, who is initiating the conference, etc.
  5. Exchange phone numbers before the interview in case there are technical difficulties.
  6. Direct each party where to look. Although it might feel unnatural you should look and speak into the CAMERA not the screen.
  7. Position the camera at eye level.
  8. The bottom of your frame should start at the chest.
  9. Have a clear agenda. Who will lead the call and how will the call conclude?

Everyone wants to perform well . . . interviews are stressful enough. If both participants are confident with the technology and have a clear agenda, then they can focus on what’s important . . . are they a match?

Stay safe. Don’t let COVID-19 stop you from achieving your 2020 goals!

To read the full text of Jim’s post, or connect with him on LinkedIn, please visit the original article here.


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