Functional Quantum Materials laboratory is equipped with unique dual chamber STM-MBE system based on commercial design from RHK Technology (model UHV350) and in house modified for liquid helium operation and for in situ materials growth capability. PI designed this system at Air Force Research Laboratory and later relocated it to OSU. This equipment facilitated many scientific breakthroughs such as the discoveries of vacuum phonon tunneling, phonon Bose-Einstein condensation, and magic-sized diamond nanocrystals.

STM chamber is equipped with beetle-type UHV STM/AFM capable of variable temperature operation between 20K and 300°C. This chamber also has built-in atomic oxygen source.

MBE chamber has scanning ion gun, K-cells and e-beam evaporators for seven different materials.

The system also allows three terminal transport experiments (FET-like source/gate/drain geometry) to be performed in UHV simultaneously with scanning probe imaging and spectroscopy. The probe position in XY-plane can be monitored using two optical telescopes mounted on the flanges of the chamber.