Allman Inducted into Ohio 4-H Teen Hall of Fame

Last spring during the 2019 Ohio 4-H Conference, I had the honor to be inducted into the Ohio 4-H Teen Hall of Fame. Check out the article below that the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education and Leadership wrote about this honor!

Allman added to Ohio 4-H Hall of Fame


A.J Zanyk Photography 2019

A.J Zanyk Photography 2019

Semester in Review – AU19

Hiking at Ramsey Cascades during my trip to Tennessee!

Visiting The Bean in Chicago!

Celebrating National First Gen Day with Buckeyes First Vice President Mackenzie!

Collegiate 4-H hosted our annual Carving New Ideas workshop mid-November. This year was so much fun!

Our group arriving to the Atlanta airport for National 4-H Congress!

A very special friend and mentor, Erin Dailey, accompanied us to National 4-H Congress. I’m so thankful for her leadership and kindness!

So proud to be a part of the Class of 2022 Buckeye Leadership Fellows! I am honored to stand next to these amazing campus leaders and Buckeyes of Distinction!

As my second fall semester on campus winds down, I can’t help but reflect on God’s graciousness throughout this semester. This past fall semester I have seen so many good things come out of hard work, dedication, and sometimes, dumb luck!

This semester, I committed to the Alpha Zeta Partners spring study abroad to Brazil. My biggest worry when deciding whether or not to commit to the program or not was how I would pay to study abroad. A good friend of mine, Gage Smith, told me that there are tons of scholarships for study abroads and that he personally funded his trips entirely through scholarships. This gave me the motivation I needed to apply to study abroad and to as many scholarships and grants as possible. I first applied for the Honors & Scholars Autumn Enrichment Grant in which I received a maximum grant award of $3,000. I am so thankful for Honors & Scholars for believing in me and investing in my education and G.O.A.L.S. I was also awarded the Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarship, a scholarship from the Mervin G. Smith Student and Faculty Fund in International Agriculture, as well as a scholarship from The Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association. I am so excited and honored to say that I have been blessed with enough scholarships and grants to cover my upcoming study abroad to Brazil, as well as most of my cost of attendance for spring semester! I cannot thank these scholarship award committees enough for investing in me and choosing me as an award recipient. I pledge to not let them down!

I was given the opportunity to become a Buckeye of Distinction as a member of the newest class of Buckeye Leadership Fellows. After my dear friend Noor Alshafie encouraged me to apply to Buckeye Leadership Fellows (BLF), I decided that it never hurts to try something new. I made it all the way through the application and interview process, and looking back I am so thankful that I believed Noor when she said I could do it. I am so excited to begin this journey with 30 other outstanding, diverse, and educated individuals from all over Ohio State’s campus.

As a founding executive member of Buckeyes First Student Organization for First Generation College Students, this semester has been very busy! Serving as the Director of Community Outreach, this semester I have connected first generation college students with outside organizations such as OSU LiFESports, as well as promoted community service and volunteer engagement among Buckeyes First members. On November 8th we held Ohio State’s first National First Gen Day Celebration and had an awesome turnout! I can’t wait to continue moving forward in my position and encourage service learning among members.

In September, I was invited to join the CFAES ACEL Alumni Board as the Community Leadership Representative. I am humbled to be the person, of all the incredible people within my program, to be asked to represent my major! I am excited to move forward with our upcoming selection of the annual ACEL Alumni Awards where we recognize ACEL Alumni who have been doing memorable work in their fields.

My student assistant position at the Nationwide Farm Bureau & Ohio 4-H Center has been going great! This semester I continued to work with the Ohio 4-H International Program as the International Program Assistant. This semester I focused on setting up the program for success for future years to come. Since I will be traveling to Brazil in the spring, the program will need to hire a new assistant to help run the program in my place. I have been working diligently to ensure that the new assistant has all the available resources they will need for a successful rest of the year. When I return from Brazil in the spring, I will return to my original position as General 4-H Center Assistant. I can’t wait to get started!

This semester I had the opportunity to do a lot of traveling! My first adventure took me to Tennessee where I spent Fall Break with my boyfriend, hiking through the mountains and exploring downtown Gatlinburg. We had so much fun taking in all the beautiful views the Smoky Mountains had to offer! The first weekend of November I had the awesome opportunity to travel to The Windy City! This was my first time visiting Chicago and I had a blast! Of course, I couldn’t visit Chicago without seeing The Bean or Sears Tower. Accompanied by some members of my Ohio State Arts Scholars cohort, we watched Hamilton at the Chicago Theater and chowed down on some famous Gino’s East Chicago pizza. After Thanksgiving I flew down to the great city of Atlanta, Georgia for National 4-H Congress! National 4-H Congress was so fun and I am so thankful I got to end my 4-H career with a bang. I had a great time hanging out with fellow Ohio 4-H members and watching the Ohio State/Xichigan game in the lobby of the hotel. The trip was very memorable and I look forward to sharing my 4-H experience with others in the future. My final travel experience of the semester was 3 hours west to one of my favorite Midwest cities: Indianapolis! I had so much fun watching the Buckeyes beat the Wisconsin Badgers in the B1G 10 Championship! The game was so exciting with a lot of highs and lows (football is my favorite sport – can’t you tell?). Although my trip to Indianapolis was short, I had a great time hanging out downtown and cheering on my favorite team in Lucas Oil Stadium.

I am honored to be selected as a National 4-H Conference Roundtable Facilitator for the upcoming 2020 National 4-H Conference! Out of thousands of applications from across the nation, I am humbled to be one of 16 individuals selected. I am excited to share my experience with 4-H members from around the nation and guide them as they create positive change and voice their passion to our nation’s leaders on Capitol Hill.

This semester I also was selected to be a presenter at the 2020 Ohio 4-H Conference coming up in March. I will be leading sessions on behalf of Collegiate 4-H at The Ohio State University as well as The Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council. I’m so excited to add this experience to my professional development portfolio and learn from this public speaking and leadership experience.

This autumn semester has been filled with blessings. Although there was hardship, the graciousness of others flows freely through my life and I am blessed to see another amazing semester at the place I love the most. Spring Semester 2020, here I come!

Semester In Review – SU19

What an incredible summer this has been! This summer I decided to stay on campus and work towards my goals. I lived in Houck House all summer with two amazing random roommates that turned into great friends. I enrolled in summer courses, – 11 credit hours to be exact – buckled down, and worked hard. Classes this summer were challenging and frustrating, but I am so glad I did it!

This summer I also completed my Early Field Experience (EFE) requirement for my major. I studied with Hannah K. Epley, PHD in Community & Extension Education at the Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center where we both work. I will never forget the experiences and valuable feedback I gained from my EFE. I worked directly with Ohio 4-H Camping programs, the Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Design Team, and even got to give my insight on the Ohio 4-H Hot Topics discussion. All in all, my EFE was an incredible learning experience!

Perhaps the most rewarding experience to come from this summer was my promotion from general student assistant with the Ohio 4-H Center to student assistant with Ohio 4-H International Programs. For the past three months I have worked in this position alongside Program Director Mary Lynn Thalhiemer. Her enthusiasm for the program shines through in all she does and it has been awesome working by her side! The program was very behind when I started, but with a lot of late nights, early mornings, and hard work the program came together. This summer Ohio 4-H Host Families across the state hosted 62 Japanese youth and 7 Japanese adult chaperones from Labo, Japan. I have gotten to work closely with each individual affected by this program and how rewarding it has been! From picking up the Labo students from the airport at 2:00am to sending them back home, very emotional, after their one month here in America, I have grown so much because of their influence. I will continue to work at the Ohio 4-H International Program Student Assistant until December 31st. Before then, I will train the new student assistant to take my place so I can continue working for general 4-H to further my career experience. The transition will be difficult but I know it will be just as rewarding for the next individual who takes my place!

This summer I also worked the entire Ohio State Fair. I got to get a behind the scenes look at how the 4-H program sets up and tears down its influence at the Ohio State Fair. I was in charge of a multitude of things at the state fair including registrations, award organization, and information distribution. It was so fun seeing youth development first-hand from a different perspective! I can’t wait to create a career from this!I also moved from summer housing right into my academic year housing in Blackburn House. I started my second job as an Office Assistant at the front desk of the building. So far, I have met some amazing people and can’t wait to see what happens next! Fall semester begins in three days and I know it will be a great one!

Teaching instinctive archery as a Shooting Sports Instructor at Ohio 4-H State Leadership Camp – just one of my many talents!

Teaching instinctive archery as a Shooting Sports Instructor at Ohio 4-H State Leadership Camp – just one of my many talents!

Accepting my Ohio 4-H Achievement Record Award!

Working as an Ohio 4-H Student Assistant at the Ohio State Fair!

Saying goodbye to my officer title as Vice President of Outreach on the Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council and hello to my new title as TLC Junior Advisor!

The 2018-2019 Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council Officer Team.

Semester in Review – SP 19

In all honesty, this semester was a doozy. I am so thankful for all of the supportive and loving people that I have in my life to get me through!

This semester I worked two jobs for several months. Eventually I ended up having to leave my position as a student fundraiser at the OSU Calling Center, but for better opportunity. In January I started as a student assistant at the Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center. Getting this position was a dream come true as this is exactly where I plan to work as a 4-H professional someday. I am ecstatic to go to work every day and because of that, I know I have chosen the right path.

This semester, classes were difficult. I struggled with seasonal depression and body image a lot which in turn affected the way I performed academically. By the middle of the semester I was just ready for it to be over. But as the sun came out and the birds started to sing, so did I. I ended the semester with a 3.746 GPA that I could not be prouder of. I am excited to make the Dean’s List for both semesters of my freshman year.

This semester I had many firsts! I went ice skating for the first time at the OSU Ice Rink, flew on an air plane, and visited New York City! I attended several OSU basketball games and visited Washington D.C. for the National 4-H Conference. The biggest highlight of my spring semester was being inducted into the Ohio 4-H Teen Hall of Fame!

This semester was a truly incredible experience despite the hardship. I am excited to see where Ohio State takes me in the future, it has already brought me so far!

Accepting my Ohio 4-H Teen Hall of Fame award!

Posing with Dean Kress and President Drake!

Visited Capital Hill to speak on behalf of Ohio 4-H!

New York City was breathtaking!

Semester in Review – AU18

Wow, what a first semester!

As I reflect on my first semester here, I cannot wrap my mind around how fast 2018 has flown by. At this time last year, I was applying to the Ohio State University. I was filling out my Scholars application and stressing about my essay answers and what program I wanted to do. I waited around for my acceptance letter all the while planning what kinds of things I wanted to stock my dorm room up with. I eventually got that acceptance letter as well as a Scholars acceptance. I joined the Scholars facebook group where I started chatting with my new great friend Caroline, who eventually became my college roommate. On top of all of this, I was finishing my senior year of high school. I was the lead role in my school’s musical, writing senior papers and finishing up one of the most academically challenging school years of my career, and pushing my body to its limits as a top tier track & field athlete. All of these things piled on top of the grief that came with leaving my home, my best friends, and childhood behind for Columbus, Ohio.

Summer came and went with a million memories of preparing for college, making memories with my best friends, and participating in my passion and one true love; the Ohio 4-H program. Summer flew by, and early move in came. As a participant in the Buckeyes First program, I had the chance t0 move to Columbus a week earlier than official move in day. That experience is one that I will forever be grateful for, and has even influenced me to apply as a Peer Leader for next year’s Buckeyes First participants.

Once the semester started I began to understand truly how hard college is. I buckled down and have maintained great grades throughout the semester. I have pushed myself and I have surrounded myself with people who push me to be better than the person I was yesterday. I’ve joined two student organizations on campus as well as held an on campus job as a Student Fundraiser at the Fawcett Center. I have had to develop new study habits for sure, but academically I have excelled here at Ohio State. If something can improve by a million percent, then my mental health definitely did. Here at Ohio State, I am happy. Despite all of the struggles and the days that feel like I won’t make it, I am happy here. I have grown so much as a person, academically and mentally. I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else but right here in my tiny little dorm at THE Ohio State University.


Buckeye Football is my favorite thing about my first semester at Ohio State!

We ran the OSU Four Miler in October! It was a great race and an even better experience!

My favorite way to study is to hammock in my favorite secret spot on campus!

Reflection – My First Week at Ohio State

Wow! What a week!

I spent my first week at Ohio State in complete awe. I would walk to class looking around at every building, sculpture, person, and thing and think, “wow, I really am a college student. I really am here at THE Ohio State University.”

I would take a moment. Breathe.

It feels amazing here. My first impressions are everything I’ve ever expected Ohio State to be. Welcome week was full of friends and laughter, fun and welcoming experiences. I have enjoyed every minute of my time here at Ohio State.

I am adjusting well. I grew up as a camp kid, so I’m used to being away. My parents did a great job preparing me for this. I laugh at a memory I have of my first week here. I was doing laundry in my residence hall, and another student had no idea how to do their own laundry. I had to teach them where the detergent went and how to sort their laundry so the colors don’t bleed. In my head, It was quite funny but to them it was scary. My parents had taught me basic life skills from a young age through farm chores and family living. Theirs hadn’t, and as I think about it, I am very happy for the chore lists I had as a child.

I now understand what college is like, studying for hours for the upcoming midterms that, honestly, terrify me just thinking about. I am nervous. But, I am learning new study habits and am excited to get to work.

Hopefully the rest of the semester stays positive!

About Me


My name is Maddie Allman and I am a second-year at The Ohio State University studying Community Leadership with a specialization in Community & Extension Education and a double minor in Youth Development and Rural Sociology. I plan to graduate in the spring semester of 2022 with a Bachelors of Science in Agriculture from the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.

I am very involved on campus. For the last year I have worked as a Student Assistant at the Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center – a position I am so lucky to have! I serve on the executive teams of both Collegiate 4-H at The Ohio State University and Buckeyes First Student Organization for First Generation College Students. I am a member of the College of  Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences’ Student Council, and a student representative of the Department of Agricultural  Communication, Education, and Leadership’s Alumni Board. I am blessed to be a Buckeye of Distinction as a member of the Class of ’22 cohort of Buckeye Leadership Fellows.

At Ohio State I am also a member of the Arts Scholars program. My arts interests center around theater and choral music. As a child, I had always loved music. I was surrounded by it within my family and I couldn’t imagine my life without the love and passion I have developed for music. I participated in my high school’s “Advanced Show Choir” for all four years, and I took the stage every spring and fall in various theatrical roles. I have been in theater productions from an early age, participating in church plays and school musicals since I could walk. My favorite musical by far is the Phantom of the Opera, with Anything Goes coming in a close second.

4-H is something that I am very passionate about and I am very fortunate to have given over 10 years of my life to an organization that developed me into who I am today. Throughout my 10 years as a 4-H member, I developed a passion for youth development and agriculture. In my 4-H career I have served as a camp counselor, Canter’s Cave 4-H Camp Ambassador, Junior Fair Board member, Junior Leader, and Advisory Committee Member. During the 2017-2018 term, I had the opportunity to serve on the Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council State Outreach Committee. In 2018 I was elected to the state 4-H Officer Team as Vice President of Outreach of the Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council and, most excitedly, was inducted into the Ohio 4-H Teen Hall of Fame at the 2019 Ohio 4-H Conference. As a 4-H member I learned amazing life skills and truly would not be the person I am today. The 4-H program inspired the career path I am taking as a future 4-H Youth Development Extension Professional.

I graduated from Southeastern High School near Chillicothe, Ohio in the spring of 2018. In high school I was an avid runner, and still am today. I run in the Ohio State 4 Miler each year and highly encourage your participation – it is so rewarding! My free time consists of spending time with my friends and family, journaling, and singing songs at 4-H summer camp.

I love my life at Ohio State. I live for football Saturday’s, March Madness, baseball games, and change-making!

My cabin and I as a camp counselor at Ohio Military Kids camp.

My favorite Brutus statue on campus!

Performing as Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes!

Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council Officer team goofing around.

As a 4-H member, I raised Market and Breeding Rabbits for my projects.