Above normal temperatures and precipitation will rule July

By Jim Noel (National Weather Service)

Even though it has gotten a little drier recently, the pattern around a big high pressure to the west and south of Ohio favors a warm and humid July with rain chances. However, there will be swings in the the pattern from week to week. The first week of July will offer a very warm and humid pattern with increasing rain chances. Week 2 will offer a cooler pattern but with continued rain chances. Week 3 and 4 will return to above normal temperatures and rainfall near normal. For the next two weeks, expect the average rainfall to be 2-4 inches across the state which is at or above normal.

Looking ahead to August, expect above normal temperatures with rainfall normal or above normal. It should be noted that the above normal temperatures will be driven much more so by overnight low temperatures versus daytime maximum temperatures. Maximum temperatures will generally only be a few degrees above normal while overnight minimum temperatures will at times be 5-10 degrees above normal.

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