About Me

Grace Allbright, Portrait by Essenza Studios

Grace at her favorite place to study- Starbucks!

Grace Allbright is a second year undergraduate student studying Marketing in The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business. She is actively involved in the Media, Marketing, and Communication Scholars program, studying new software and technologies in project groups and in her spare time as a Graphic Design Intern in the MMC Scholars office. In the future, she hopes to lead creative advertising endeavors for companies, and is especially interested in the overall wellness of consumers. She plans to minor in Consumer Sciences in the College of Education and Human Ecology and hopes to become involved in the marketing of the food and/or beauty products industry. Grace loves being involved on campus and exploring her academic and extracurricular passions, through organizations such as FisherCares where she can volunteer at various local service projects. In her spare time, Grace enjoys participating on sports teams with her friends, playing her ukulele, creating art, reading and writing poetry, and discovering new restaurants and shops on campus.


Grace Allbright’s Resume, as of November 2018

Over the next few years, Grace hopes to expand her knowledge of business and marketing through outside experience in internships. She hopes to gain intern experience in any field of business so as to become more well-rounded as a member of the business world.

Grace’s Career-Building Experiences

In Autumn of 2018, Grace became involved on campus in a number of ways. She became a Graphic Design Intern in the MMC Scholars Office, where she works on various digital design projects both individually and in teams. She is also involved in MMC’s Freshmen Leadership Team, which is a group of eight officers who plan, budget, and market community-building events for the eighty students in the scholars program.

In Spring of 2019, Grace will be partaking in a three-credit hour course, ESHESA 2570: Team and Organizational Leadership, to train for her role as a Scarlet and Gray Financial Coach in the Student Wellness Center. She is excited to practice these leadership skills so she can help the students in her community with financial wellness.


Digital Sandbox: Adobe Photoshop

In the Media, Marketing, and Communication Scholars program, Grace participates in Digital Sandbox project groups focusing on topics and skill sets in which she is interested. Led by peer students and self-study, the project groups are actively taught about softwares, programs, and skill sets ranging from Public Speaking to C++ programming.

In her first semester, Grace participated in a 14-week program learning Python and a 7-week program learning Adobe Photoshop.

This is one of Grace’s early Photoshop projects, in which she focuses on re-coloring and editing the saturation, hue, brightness, and tones within a digital photo to alter the image’s internal mood. Grace has a particular interest in the aesthetics of visual media and working on projects in which she can utilize graphic design skills she has learned through self-study and project groups.



“The Joy Image,” a digital collage by Grace Allbright

At the conclusion of this project group, each member created his/her own final project, combining the skills learned after seven weeks of training. Grace chose to make a digital collage– one of her favorite methods of artistic expression. In this project, Grace was inspired by themes of happiness, festive leisure, and cultureal and humanitarian unity. She spent numerous hours choosing, cutting, and editing images in order to achieve the desired mood and aesthetic of the piece.


As Grace continues to expand her knowledge in the Digital Sandbox Program, new and improved projects will appear on this page. Grace hopes to become skilled in a range of logistically and creatively useful softwares through project groups and self-study in her free time. By becoming adept in a multitude of media platforms and digital programs, Grace hopes to be an active participant and creative contributor to any future project group she takes part in.

Graphic Design Intern

One of Grace’s early advertisement projects as a Graphic Design Intern. Created using Adobe Illustrator.

As a Graphic Design Intern in the MMC Scholars Office, Grace spends around five hours a week with hands-on digital projects and continually advances her knowledge of programs through self-taught, tutorial modules. She works both individually and in groups on assigned projects. She is currently mastering Adobe Illustrator, and will then move on to mastering Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. After mastering Graphic Design, Grace might choose to join the Video Team as an intern to further her knowledge of digital media tools.